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Every word...
Every breath... 
Every sliver of hope...
Is an opportunity.

And I don’t want you to spend another one of them reinventing the wheel.
You have more important work to do.
You have people to connect with.
Lives to change.

And I'm here to help you do just that...change lives.

I’m MamaRed, ContentStrategist | Information Architect | Techie Stuff Demystifier.

All businesses need an online platform and they all need to create content for multiple platforms, consistently, and at higher and higher volumes in order to be heard and seen above the noise.

But all that content creation pulls you away from the work you love and are meant to do. 

As your content strategist, it's my job to help you sort out the content creation and slay the tech beasts, so that you work less and live more. 

Using your business mission and vision, I create (or help you create) igKnighted content that keeps your readers and customers coming back for seconds, thirds...even fourths.

Want to know how you can work less and live more by showing up where it matters most, without even lifting a finger? Let's jump on a call (no charge, of course) and see how we can make that happen.

Your business’ new bestie...


You're in Good Company

why work with igKnighted?

Well over 100,000 words turned into products... and counting!


Great results come from a well-strategized approach to content creation and promotion.

Using my exclusive process, I help you map out winning game plans that help you create once, use endlessly to grow your business.


Every powerful plan needs well-oiled cogs to make implementation as simple and profitable as possible.

This is the phase where I recommend, review, and document  what you already have and what you still need  so that serving your content helps spread your message further, wider, and faster.


When the Plan and Prep phases are done (and done well) the "Serve" phase flows almost effortlessly, allowing your business to remain top of mind, even while you play.

This phase is the most exciting because you get to see what create once, use endlessly does for your life, your business, and your bank account.

igKnighted designs, creates, and publishes content for...

  • ...your social media accounts so that you can enjoy your time and serve your clients without being tied to the SocialSphere
  • ...your blog so that your audience continues to grow even when you're not focused on it
  • ...your mailing list subscribers so they stay engaged and up-to-date
  • ...your clients who purchase your products and services
  • ...your ebooks, Kindle books, and opt in gifts you promised your clients


Discover how your company can be more profitable with igKnighted

I use an approach that blends analysis and intuition to research, analyze, and document the current status of your online presence to determine a clear path to profit through my finely tuned Plan | Prep | Serve™ process for content creation and distribution.

Based on my years of technical training, design and development, plus my ability to help businesses create once, use endlessly, I streamline your processes and systems and craft an approach that gives you back...

  • ...the hours you crave
  • ...a life you love
  • ...the time to serve the clients who desperately need what you have to offer

Kind Words

From igKnighted Clients

MamaRed has the most eloquent, comprehensive way of taking the whole sum of your content and figuring out pieces that equate to $$. HUH? I always thought I needed the whole! The opportunity to repurpose and repackage content, coupled with the strategic step-by-step know how to execute....that's nothing short of business genius.

Crystal Wells 
Founder, The Missing Map

MamaRed is one of the most interesting people you will ever meet in your life. She is a great great speaker. Just a lot of information, a world of information you should really listen to and just try to get as much as you can from her. 

Very interesting. Passionate about what she does. And an overall a good person to know.

Cris Moses, President/CEO Trendsetter Publishing

In one hour, MamaRed turned around months of frustration with creating content. Her easy-to-implement, custom-designed plan gives me a way to create and deliver endless content for ANY purpose I can think of. Then she helped me find the tools I needed and shared the clearest step-by-step instructions I've seen anywhere!

Phyllis Walker, Founder
Esperanza! A Woman’s Hope

Overwhelmed after returning from a seminar, I discovered MamaRed, whose enthusiasm and kind of wildness delighted me. I took her up on her offer of a 24 minute call.

Within 11 minutes, my overwhelm & depression was gone & I had something doable, stunning, perfect.

Thanks MamaRed!

Nick Dunning
Founder, NLP for Actors

Jerilynne's coaching skills are uncanny. Her empathy, active listening, and presence helps me clarify what really matters to me and moves me in the direction of choice rather than dogmatically pursuing tasks. I value her insight, intelligence, and innovative style of teaching me how to facilitate life's challenges and opportunities.

Dr. Lynn Shaw, Professor, University of Indianapolis

You are incredible! One consultation with you brought to surface an episode in my life that had been buried very deep and for very long. It became an "ah-ha' moment that literally gave me back my power! With that being cleared, I am now able to focus on my business. Thank you for igKnighting my life & biz!


Jerilynne's energy, passion and enthusiasm are inspiring and contagious.

Her joy for life is apparent and her kindness and problem-solving skills inspirational. She is always at the ready to help you navigate your journey with dedicated support and sage advice.”

Evelin Saxinger, ND
Founder, Blueprints for Change

Two words describe Jerilynne's presentation style—uplifting and unique!

Whether it be her much-encored presentation Can You Come Out and Play: Winning With Creativity or a presentation tailored to the specifics of your organization, she enthralls the participants, putting your message on target.

Mark Hannigan, Proprietor
On the Write Track