90 Days, Long Term Results

You're ready to make big changes in this 90 day programWhy in the world would you invest 90 days in yourself?

Short version: Because you’re DONE messing around with a “little bit here” and a “little bit there” and are ready for REAL, long-lasting results!

[space size=25] Do a quick search online search for “90 day programs”. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with! The reason is because dedicating 90 days to something…your vision, business, relationships, personal development, mindset or anything else…is one that gives you a true chance to succeed and make the changes that match up with what you want in your world.

Done reading, know you’re ready, jump on down to the options. Let’s igKnight your next steps!

These programs all have something in common…someone has learned something that changed their life or their business (probably both if they’re in charge of their own world, like you are) and realized 90 days was the perfect slice of time to both evaluate and implement something. Not so long you get bored and lose focus. Not so short you can’t see the results of your efforts and drown in the details left undone.

Which is why I created a 90 day private coaching program for you. During my 25+ years being my own boss, strategist, coach,  and a consultant, the 90 day programs have been the most effective for moving forward. So it seemed a wise way to go, yes?

The specifics of WHAT happens during the 90 days is based on the outcome of the first 2-3 sessions, which is when (together), we get clear on what results you want over the next 90 days. Once that is settled, we’ll pull together the doable steps, custom fitted to you, your gifts, your background, and your skills.

Know you’re ready create the life you envisioned when you said “yes” to you? Let’s do this!

I can do it myself Mama...

  • I know you can. Truly. As a auburn-haired woman, and a big chunk Irish to boot, I’ve got “do it myself” down to an art form. And it’s no fun.
  • AND it takes longer to get where you want to go, although I have faith you’ll get there! And your journey will be perfect (if more challenging than is actually needed).
  • AND I promise you, it will cost a WHOLE lot more than asking for some help, finding out the stuff that works, or doesn’t, and staying focused on your own gifts, skills, talents, and dreams. I don’t know about your experience and mine is that doing it all myself didn’t do a whole lot for the bank account, my sanity, or the impact I could make.

What do we focus on

We’ll figure that out together during our initial sessions…and create an agreement as to what success looks like for you!

When we partner up you get

  • the shortcuts I wish I had known about (had I understood how much more quickly I could get where I wanted to go with some help)
  • a combination of coaching (asking) and consulting (providing specific solutions)…the “co-sulting” approach
  • access to what I’ve learned in 20+ years of running my own business (with, and without, employees, staff or contractors) and almost 40 years of techie stuff (I know, techie stuff isn’t necessarily your gig…and if you want your message out to as many people as possible, that’s the way ya gotta do it!)
  • the no cost/low-cost tools I spent years discovering (you really have better things to do than research all that stuff, right?)
  • the techniques that save you time and earned me the accolade “laziest consultant I’ve ever met” (love that one…lazy is a good thing when you’re working smarter, not harder, right?)
  • access to the tools and techniques that help you clear your mindset so you can focus and let those old scripts fly away
  • …and anything else you need from my experience and training to kick-a$$

What you can expect

  • Twelve sessions by phone or Skype (all recorded so you can listen to them forever and take them anywhere)
  • Worksheets, assessments, and recommendations customized to what you want to achieve
  • Action items agreed upon (you never take on something you don’t want to), with a focus on tasty tidbits which can each be completed in less than 24 hours and which lead to your longer term vision
  • Email support during the sessions and for 1 week following your last session
  • Investment***: Single Payment of $1,887  (you save 35%) or three payments of $740/each (you save 23%), billed 30 days apart

Let’s get your 90 day action plan going NOW

Just think what your life will be like in 90 days!

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    Make 3 payments of $740 each (one now, one in 30 days, one in 60 days)[button link=”https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=CZ5SN4HV3RKS8″ color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Buy Now, 3 Pay[/button] [space size=25]
  2. Check your email for a confirmation link
  3. Complete the pre-call questionnaire
  4. Submit the pre-call questionnaire
  5. Check your email for a link to my online calendar
  6. Select 2-3 times that work best for your schedule
  7. Watch for a session confirmation email with the phone number and any further instructions needed
  8. Show up at the agreed-upon time, ready to get to work

***Savings are calculated based on the savings over investing in a single session

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