Business Strategy: The 10 questions to answer FIRST

What IS the right question to ask FIRST?As a Business Technology Strategist, who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners make more money and a bigger impact by streamlining, systematizing and automating anything and everything that can get them back to doing what they love, I get the same question day in and day out (whether on a forum, in an email or at a networking meeting):

What tool, blueprint or system should I use to do (fill in the blank)?

And my answer 99.9% of the time is a (frequently frustrating!)

It depends!

And it depends because YOU and YOUR business are unique. You’re not a clone of someone else, right? So to get the RIGHT stuff for you, it means asking a bunch of questions that don’t have anything to do with technology or blueprints or any of that jazz.

It has to do with who you are, what you want, your vision, your goals, your capabilties. And when you answer these questions FIRST, you’ll save yourself a buttload of time, money, headaches and hair dye!

Click each link to pop over to the post that describes WHY it’s so important to answer the question and learn more about how to get kick-ass clarity on your answers.

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