Hi there heart-led, spirit-driven small business owner…

The titles are many (author, speaker, coach, consultant,  healer, lightworker, entrepenur, business owner (or another title all together).  The goal is the same: You’re on a mission to make a difference.  And you’re doing that by turning your special passions and gifts into a business.

Wheeee Haaaa. You’re on your own, doing what you want to do. Congrats!

And if you’re like most of the us who do this, you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed the massive amount of “stuff” that comes with being the “Chief Everything Officer”.

Maybe your goal is to stay an Itty Bitty Biz with big profits and a few key folks to help out or you’re planning to grow into a massive enterprise.

ALL businesses need a foundation of great strategy, good planning, and a clear understanding of how to put tools and technology to work to automate the repetitive, mundane stuff that computers are so good at doing.

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