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Work With MamaRed To Systematize Streamline Automate SucceedFrom frustrated to freedom

When you’re a business owner, there is a LOT to do and partnering with someone who has been there makes life a whole bunch easier.

  • You CAN make heads or tails out of all the different ways to make your business grow and generate an income.
  • You CAN systematize and streamline so you have the freedom you dream of.
  • You CAN reach more people by taking what you already know and sharing it using all the brand spankin’ new techie stuff that’s on the market.

You CAN go from Frustration to Freedom. It’s both a great experience and a great feeling. I can help!

Who I collaborate with

I collaborate with purpose-driven individuals, businesses, and organizations who are ready to STOP working so hard to build their bank account and create positive change.

You have big ideas, lots of them (maybe even too many). You have a big mission.

And you’re ready to grab a helping hand and get out there in a bigger way.

You have LOTS of questions…and need a safe place to ask them and, most importantly, get answers in a language you understand.

You KNOW there is an easier way, you’re just not sure what it is!

What we do

Together we figure out the

  • BEST business model for YOU, based on your dreams, your vision, your skills, and your gifts
  • BEST ways to systematize and automate the unsexy back end stuff that bores you to tears and take you away from your unique way of building your bank account and transforming the world
  • BEST ways to package YOUR big ideas into services, programs, and products you can leverage again and again
  • BEST ways to get kick-a$$ clarity so you STOP wasting time and money on things that don’t work for you
  • BEST next steps based on where you are and where you want to go

Co-sulting packages

My programs are a blend of coaching (tapping into YOUR own knowledge) and consulting (sharing solutions personalized to YOU) and are available wherever you are using from any phone or Skype account. (Oh, and they’re recorded so you can listen in again and again!)

Check out the different ways we can work together to create the business of your dreams, build your bank account, and get the word out about your special gifts without so much stress and strain (Check below or in the sidebar to the right).

Not sure what you need right now? To get started, claim your Complimentary Rendevzous by giving me a call at 203.626.2054 or if you want to make sure you have a slot on my calendar, pick the dates/times from my online calendar.

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