Hold Snippets

  • and boring ole unsexy get “lazy” (heck, isn’t that what technology is for?)
  • discover faster, doable ways to put technology to work FOR YOU
  • Automate and systematize all the boring, unsexy stuff so you CAN do the exciting stuff that jazzes you up
  • get that message of yours (you know you have one, right) packaged  into products so you can get that message to those who need it
  • Monetize your message so you can make an even bigger difference

Hi! I’m Cory Lamle an entrepreneur & software developer in Phoenix Arizona.

It’s my passion to automate, streamline, enhance, and visually improve your online businesses!


Hey there you Difference Maker, you Messenger…you know you’ve got a vital message to share with the world. Whether you’re a coach or consultant. Speaker or author. Or all of the above!

You’ve heard the call and have taken the leap (or are standing on the edge, ready to leap). You know the one, right? The one that says “I’m done working for someone else, doing what they say when it is out of integrity with what I believe.”

So off you go…only to find out the business stuff (where does one find out how to create a strategic plan anyway) and the techie stuff is holding you back.

It all seemed so easy when you said “yes” to living your passion and sharing your unique form of transformation. So why does it seem so blasted hard now?


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