There is a fine balance between charging ahead and being in action and sitting on your butt and researching and asking yourself questions forever.

Believe me, this is one I know well!

I spent well over $100,000 (U.S.) buying courses, big ticket coaching programs, attending conferences, grabbing onto the latest and greatest software tool that would make my life “simple and easy” and a whole ‘nother bunch of nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong, I learned a bunch, including a whole bunch of what NOT to do! Which definitely has value, although my groaning credit cards and graying hair may not agree.

These are the wrong questions and they cost you thousands

Every day I get questions from 1-on-1 clients and members of groups like…

  • What’s the best tool for autoresponders? Someone told me I should buy InfusionSoft.
  • What’s the best theme, what did you use? I need one for my site.
  • Should I use Kajabi or OptimizePress or something else for my membership site?
  • What’s the best tool to create a Kindle?
  • What’s the cheapest way to get my PDF converted to XXX?
  • Which is better, audio or video?
  • How do you create those quotes-on-images I see all around the web?
  • Do you know a free way to….?
  • … and a whole bunch of others

These are the right questions and they make you money

Who knew that asking the wrong questions (like what software to use) could cost you so damned much money, time and effort and leave you tearing your hair out in frustration! Yes, those “wrong” questions need answers, eventually, after you get kick-a$$ clear on:

  • what tickles your toenails, makes you dance for joy
  • your Big Why
  • who you serve (the guests you want at your table)
  • what skills you already have
  • what contacts you have to do the things you DON’T do well
  • what business model suits you like the perfect little black dress
  • what transformation you bring your ideal guest
  • what that transformation is worth, in cold hard mula
  • where is your sweet spot and who is willing to pay you for THAT (no Virginia, “just get clear on your passion and the money will come” is bullshit of the highest degree)
  • how much you’re ready to invest, physically, mentally, emotionally and, yes, financially to get these dream of yours off the ground
  • …and a bunch of other questions

Why does answering these questions make you money and help you  make a bigger impact in the world?

Because when you answer them, you can go directly to what is right FOR YOU, instead of running around getting stuff that doesn’t fit you and ends up costing you in ways you never imagined. And yes, THEN you can get the right tools and technology that help you achieve your goals. After 30 years of being in the techie consulting world, I know this one thing: technology should serve the business, NOT the other way ’round.

It’s like picking the right restaurant for your best health (or the craving you’re having…oh, did I say that!). When you know you’re a vegan and going gluten-free, you’re not going to go to that kick-ass steak restaurant down the street. Right?

You’re going to go to the restaurant that serves what you love to eat and although it may seem more expensive to someone else, you’ve realized that is how you feel the best.

The same is true of your business.

How do I know this?

Been there. Done it. Have way too many t-shirts!

And in January 2014, The Universe delivered 2 interventions,  less than 12 hours apart. Yup, they were interventions for sure and these two souls got in my face and helped me realize I was cheating myself, cheating you and cheating others that could use the gifts I bring to the world.

  • The gifted and talented Wendy got right to the core of why “being” MamaRed is an essential part of who I am, even if it isn’t my legal name and some folks are turned away by it. Wowser. Killer stuff for sure. And keeps me from waffling and wondering and wandering. She helped me realize why the word “MamaRed” perfectly describes the truth of those who have said “She’s the Mama who kicks your ass and loves you up to make sure you succeed, by YOUR definition.”
  • Then the indominatable James got right in my face, relentlessly going after the bottom line transformation I bring to the world. He was kind, in that way that says ‘I’m not letting up until you friggin’ get this!” He helped me get clear that I bring profits and improve ROI (return on investment). I hadn’t “gotten” that and boy, do I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it did me to figure out your bottom line transformation!

I knew they were both on track when I thought I would throw up, my Fear Gremlin was having a heyday, my stomach was rolling and I couldn’t stop crying and dancing around the house at the same time.

Holy shitske BatGirl. This is lifechanging stuff.

It wasn’t comfortable. Can’t say it was “fun” and boy oh boy, was it a gift beyond measure. Talk about life changing!

You ready for an intervention?

Then let’s get started…grab your complimentary Taste of Freedom call and we’ll see if the time is right for us to work together.

If it is, I promise you this: you’ll save thousands and make more when you answer the right questions and define the next do-able step for your success.

In the meantime, Laugh Lots, Love More!

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