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Social Made Easy

Your Voice Is Needed Now...

...discover doable ways to go from "overwhelmed" to "well done" with an approach designed especially for you

Don’t let another day of, “What the hell do I do now?” destroy your dreams.

Look, running a business is crazy. You have to wear so many hats, do so much, and you keep taking in information, hoping that one piece of knowledge is going to change your game.

The deal is...your mind is overloaded.

Overloaded with to-do’s, doubts, fears, knowledge, guilt, shame, and the list goes on and on. 

Being that overloaded, it’s no wonder that taking action literally eludes you. It’s no wonder you struggle to do the real job of doing.

With the RIGHT support you...

  • ...get 100% clear on your vision, your goals, the action steps you need to take to grow your business
  • ...eliminate the “reasons” for doing the other stuff and not the work you need to be doing so you can finally igKnight your business success
  • ...create the strategies and tactics your vision needs so it can come to life
  • ...and more!

Running a business means...

  • running the marketing department
  • heading up the sales department
  • handling the drudgery of admin work
  • being in charge of networking
  • getting better and better at your chosen craft
  • serving as the CPA & attorney
  • ...and the list seems to never end

So you literally have to manage 5+ careers in order to run your business!!!

Say WHAT????

Just the thought of doing that has put an end to many businesses before they have even started.

With igKnighted Co-sulting™
Stay Focused and on Track to Get the Work Done

  • ...without the bloodshed
  • ...without going another day making excuses about why you didn’t finish what you wanted to do
  • without crying yourself to sleep at night because the mountain is just too flippin' big

Uncover the answers that are right for YOUR business because they’re based on YOUR life, YOUR dreams, YOUR needs.

There’s no "one-size-fits-all" template because we go through a battery of questions that help guide you to the place you need to be.

Ready to Get Started?

The igKnighted Discovery Process

Not sure how to market your business?

We'll define your marketing goals and the action steps you need to take daily, weekly, and monthly in order to reach those goals.

Not sure where your ideal clients hang out?

Discover where your ideal clients are actually hanging out on the web so you can spend time making connections that matter.

Want time to focus on what YOU do best?

Unlock the flow & processes that align with your lifestyle, and business goals, so you can free up more time for your true genius.

On the days when your courage goes out the window (and it will because, darlin’, that’s the way this life works) you have a direct line to the ass-kicking and hand-holding you need to pull your head out of the sand.

(I can't tell you how this changes the game for the clients I work with.)

Ready to Take Your Next Step?

Kind Words

From igKnighted Clients

With MamaRed's co-sulting, I have been able to move my work out of my home into a beautiful office, triple attendance in my classes, get clarity on who I am, where I am headed in the world, my purpose on the planet, and how I can practically and easily create the life I have always wanted (even though I didn't consciously know it when I started).

Jenny Davis, Founder
Everest Energetics

MamaRed's process proved to be a very powerful one for me. I have a lot of interests that excite me and pull me in different directions.

She helped me prioritize what is most important to me right now by uncovering what is at the heart of my goals and desires.

Thanks to her, I'm clearer about my purpose and what "juices me up" in life.

Deseri Garcia
Founder, Vida Aventura

Create Your Road Map to Success...

...based on what YOU want from your business, what YOU'RE able to give, and the vision YOU have for it all.

Wake up each day, knowing what you need to do.

But more than that?


Accountability is ONE part of the igKnighted Co-sulting™ Program


MamaRed, I just don't know what to do today! I know we had a plan, but I just can't see creating that content! I think I'm going to hit Starbucks to see if I can find the inspiration.


XXXX, Nope. That "Starbucks" idea is just a ploy for your brain to get out of doing the work.

Stay where you are. Let's work this out.

In 5 mins you'll have the inspo you need darlin'!

No crap...5 mins later, my client is back on fire!

Kind Words

From igKnighted Clients

Although I enjoyed a recent creativity seminar, I came back with so many ideas that I was overwhelmed. Depressed. And didn't know where to start.

Then I discovered MamaRed and within minutes her joyful enthusiasm and step-by-step approach took away the depression and the overwhelm.  

Her LegallyLazee™ approach to creating tons of content was just the "medicine" I needed.

 Thanks MamaRed.

Nick Dunning, 
NLP for Actors

After having a truly inspiring talk with MamaRed (which started with her answering one of my techie questions) I got total clarity about the new voice needed for my services. I got a new domain name that reflects my message much more powerfully and am building this new site based on the clarity and insight that emerged from my talk with MamaRed.

Do yourself and your business a favor—talk to her. She'll guide you through your confusion with humor, ease, and grace. You'll be blown away at her insights!”

Health Is A Revolutionary Act

MamaRed is absolutely amazing...the effect she has on people, the ability to touch people’s hearts, the ability to touch my heart.

And everyone that hears her speak is just … well, you just have to experience her for yourself.

I even have a company that is all about executing your passion and she is the epitome of executing your passion, but from your heart.

You have to check her out. You have to come see her. You have to get her products. You have to do everything you possibly can to get these nuggets of hope, faith, passion, love. Everything she’s all about. You gotta go for it!

Chris Cooper, Founder
Execute Your Passion

Get Results from the igKnighted Co-sulting™ Program*

(Intense. Actionable. Results-Driven)

There’s a faster path around the “reasons” as to why you aren’t doing, or can’t do, the work.

Get out of the Groundhog Day loop.

igKnighted Co-sulting™ is a blend of coaching (the art of the ask) and consulting (the art of the answer) that helps us carve out the path to YOUR sustained clarity, igKnighted action, and bona fide results in just about every area of your business.

Start-up Plan:
Take It Easy

Twice Monthly 1-on-1 Custom-Designed Sessions 


What's included
  • Two 45-60 Minute Calls Per Month
  • Recordings Emailed Within 48 hrs
  • Up to 5 Doable To-Dos Per Call, Based on Your Schedule & Needs
  • Up  to 1 Email/Text Question Per Week (One Question per Email/Text
  • Customized Recommendations for Tools, Techniques & Technology
  • ...And More!

Get the Fastest & Best Results

Weekly 1-on-1 Custom-Designed Sessions to Provide the Most Support & Success 


What's included

  • Four 45-60 Minute Calls Per Month
  • Recordings Emailed Within 48 hrs
  • As many Doable To-Dos Per Call As Needed to Meet Your Goals
  • Up to 1 email or text per Day (with ONE question/Each)
  • Recommendations for Tools, Techniques & Technology
  • Calls can be Split between Co-Sulting & Training
  • ...and more!

Small Group Success
(Coming Soon)

Facilitated Group Mastermind (Maximum of 10 Per Group)


What's included

  • Bi-weekly 45-60 minute Calls
  • Recordings available Within 48 hours
  • At least 1 Doable To-Do per call
  • A safe place to share and learn
  • Ideas for tools, technology, and Techniques

*The Fine Print:

A minimum 90 days commitment is required for any 1-on-1 program since anything less is a waste of your time and money. 

And honey, I ain’t about all that!

igKnighted Co-sulting™ is a blend of intuition and data because business is not all numbers...It’s about feeling into what’s right for you, based on what YOU need, too.

So, yes, we look at the hard numbers of your analytics, but we’ll also look at whether or not you are aligned with the process for a whole-istic approach to easing into action that gets results.

All calls (of course!) are private and confidential so you can feel comfortable enough to share everything you want to share, knowing that it always stays with me—because having the humility to admit you need help is HARD (I know...trust me!).

Your igKnighted Road Map


Step 1 - Meet

We meet via telephone or Zoom, so we can create a foundation to build on. Through a series of questions and answers, we’ll map out your vision, tap into your strengths, touch on your weaknesses, and begin to lay out a strategy that supports all of the above.


Step 2 - Review 

Once we agree on what YOU need, we'll review our discussion, make notes, ask clarifying questions, and identify any areas that are confusing or aren't doable given YOUR skills, available time, and other commitments.

(You'll get a copy of the recording within 48 hours after we finish the call).


Step 3 - Define

At the end of each call, we'll identify 3-5 doable*** action steps, clarifying each and working toward a doable stretch AND focusing on your success.

Once you're comfortable with the action steps and the deliverable dates, we'll put them in writing.

***A Doable Step is something that takes 15 minutes, or less, to complete AND is a step toward a larger goal so you're LIT and feel like you can totally get things done with EASE.


Step 4 - Stay Accountable

Within 48 hours of your call, you'll receive a link to the recording so you always have something to refer to (taking notes and listening is so tedious, eh?). 

In the same email, you'll have a list of the doable steps and the agreed upon deadlines.


Step 5 - Celebrate!!!

Yes, we're going to celebrate steps, milestones, mini-successes and all the bits in between.

Why? Because you deserve it! 

Ready to Change Your Business AND Your Life?

Beyond the ton of helpful information and a toolset that has made it simple for me to create graphics that can easily be posted to social media sites, I gleaned at least one other really valuable takeaway to feed me for a lifetime: 

No matter how basic your knowledge is about a subject, someone else needs you to share it. That is huge. It is the difference between taking action and remaining stagnate.

 Thanks, MamaRed Knight!

Philip Quintas,
Owner, PQR Productions

“I've often thought that asking for help is a sign of weakness. It was a stretch for me to open my mind to Jerilynne’s coaching me and reminding me that I'm worthy of assistance. Additionally, she reminded me that since I'm always willing to help others, why would I not want to share that warm and fuzzy feeling that I get when helping others? Thanks  for reminding me that I'm a worthy individual!

Jerry Shepherd

Community Organizer
Indianapols, Indiana

SocialSnaks™ inspire my fans and make me look good!

Thank you, MamaRed, you really are the Executive BizChef!

James Craddock
ICO Launch Specialist
Key Difference

How Would Your World Change If You Had a Partner in Success?