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Increase Conversions

Measuring traffic and lead conversions, most businesses see an average increase in web traffic by 16% and then a 14.6% conversion on that traffic to sales when content marketing is part of a business’s marketing strategy, according to HubSpot.

Yet it’s so hard to make content marketing, client acquisition, and client retention happen when you’re on your own.


Increase web traffic up to 16% with consistent and effective content marketing strategy


Increase conversion as much as 14.6% when content directly impacts your readers


Increasing traffic and conversion translates into measurable increases in revenue

But what if you could...

  • ...expand your business’ presence on the web without being crushed under the weight of content creation and distribution
  • ...increase your perceived level of trust-worthiness because your authority is felt all the way through to Google Search
  • ...turn your email list into a money-maker because you’re finally able to show up consistently and provide lots of value
  • ...increase the traffic to your site because you are showing up everywhere...without having to lift a finger to do it
  • ...grow your authority without spending months and months and months of energy-draining research, creating, editing, distributing, while trying to serve the clients you love working with, mastering your craft (the whole reason you started your business!), and having sales conversations

Welcome to the First Step in Taking Back Your Life

(The people that love you thank you!)

I’m MamaRed. And you’ve discovered igKnighted Content Freedom™.

You are now FREE to love the business you’ve built without fear of losing anything in the process of letting go.

I’ve been helping businesses do what they do best for the last 30-umpteen years. (Yes, it has been at least 30.)

And I know how to help you...

  • ...increase your content output so that Google shows you real love by raising your search rank
  • ...get more people to say YES because your email list is growing and you’re not having to do the work to make it happen
  • ...earn the trust you deserve because you’re able to focus on helping your clients get results while I’m busy letting the world know what you do

Social Influencer, Gary Vaynerchuk, says you need 60 pieces of content going out a DAY in order to reach the levels of growth you deserve. have clients to serve and a fam that you do want to see…so I help you get as much content out as humanly possible.

  • Trust-building whitepapers? YES!
  • Authority-establishing blogs? DONE!
  • Consistently valuable emails? Abso-freakin-lutely
  • A flood of well-done social media posts, scheduled at just the right time for YOUR success. That's a big hell yes!
  • ...and more!

One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Your business has different needs, talents, goals, and dreams than any other business out there.

You DESERVE a solution that is tailor-made to YOU.

Together we'll craft a strategy that helps you achieve your dream. Then Team igKnighted steps in to take care of getting your message out in a BIG way.

From streamlined creation to automated distribution, we're on it.


Put up to 3-4 hours a week back into your life while we do the heavy lifting of research for you


Bank another 4 hours per week while we take care of the mind-numbing task of creation


Get back 2 hours per week to focus on your clients, while we take care of getting your content out the door

Who is igKnighted Content Freedom™ for?

  • The passionate business owner who can no longer sustain the content creation workload, while servicing all the clients on their client list.
  • The fired-up entrepreneur who is ready to take their $10,000+ a month to $30,000+ a month through the powerful medium of consistent content marketing.
  • The owner who knows how to laugh and doesn’t mind colorfoul language. 😉 

Ready for the next step? Awesome...smush that button and let's get to gettin'.

What do you get?


All the hours you spend creating content (or feeling guilty because you’re not creating!) goes right back into your business and the relationships you need to develop.

Industry Authority

When your content is everywhere, you gain industry authority. AND you gain it without the burden of researching, creating, or sharing across 9M channels across the web.

Increased Revenue

No more content creation and distribution means you focus on income-generating activities that boost your revenue, like meeting the right people, closing sales, and mastering your craft.

Kind Words

From igKnighted Clients

Based on a foundation of trust, honesty and, with her great kindness, she helps you design and build up what you really want and what fits best for you.

Silke Zollinger Kosian, Press and Events Manager
Copernicus at European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

MamaRed’s insights allow inspired action to take place in a most powerful way.

Jack Needham, Owner
Jack Needham, LLC

Who am I?

I’m MamaRed (known only to my mother as Jerilynne Knight).

And I’ve spent the last 30-odd years working with large and small businesses, as well as large corporations, to help them streamline their businesses, create content, and become more profitable in the process.

And it’s my job to release you from the chains of content creation and distribution without releasing you from the increased revenue and quality of life you deserve. 

The igKnighted Content Freedom™ program gives your business the fighting chance it needs to grow into the vision you have for it and I help business owners like you make that happen.

Finally...with igKnighted Content Freedom™...

  • ...take back what was yours that you’ve lost to the noise of the internet— time.
  • ...regain the sanity you miss so, so much.
  • up consistently so your audience can grow without you manning the helm. 
  • ...produce a measurable ROI when done well and done consistently.

Got that itchy feeling that this is for you? Click the "Yes! Save My Spot!" button and let’s brunch darlin’ so we find out!

Kind Words

From igKnighted Clients

She is always at the ready to help you navigate your journey with dedicated support and sage advice.

Evelin Saxinger, Founder
Blueprints for Change

SocialSnaks™ inspire my fans and make me look good!

Thank you, MamaRed, you really are the Executive BizChef!

James Craddock
ICO Launch Specialist, Key Difference

Jerilynne has the unique quality of cutting through the minutia and focusing on pathways to real results.

I have seen her apply this skill in 1-on-1 situations as well as a board room full of people.

She’s the real deal.

Jo Basey, Associate Director
Indiana Business Research Center

The igKnighted Road Map


Step 1 - Meet

We meet via telephone or Zoom, so we can create a foundation to build on. Through a series of questions and answers, we’ll map out your vision, tap into your strengths, touch on your weaknesses, and begin to lay out a strategy that supports all of the above.


Step 2 - Review 

Once we agree on what YOU need, we'll review our discussion, make notes, ask clarifying questions, and identify any areas that are confusing or aren't doable given YOUR skills, available time, and other commitments.

(You'll get a copy of the recording within 48 hours after we finish the call).


Step 3 - Define

At the end of each call, we'll identify 3-5 doable*** action steps, clarifying each and working toward a doable stretch AND focusing on your success.

Once you're comfortable with the action steps and the deliverable dates, we'll put them in writing.

***A Doable Step is something that takes 15 minutes, or less, to complete AND is a step toward a larger goal so you're LIT and feel like you can totally get things done with EASE.


Step 4 - Put Your Feet Up

From this point, research, content creation, and distribution are no longer your headache. Based on the strategy that we build together, the IG team, will help you move your business and revenue forward by doing the mind-numbing research, the finger-numbing creation, and the boring AF distribution for you.  


Step 5 - Assess & Celebrate

We'll meet periodically so we can make sure the strategy and implemention is still on track to tag (work less make more)

Beyond the ton of helpful information and a toolset that has made it simple for me to create graphics that can easily be posted to social media sites, I gleaned at least one other really valuable takeaway to feed me for a lifetime. 

No matter how basic your knowledge is about a subject, someone else needs you to share it. That is huge. It is the difference between taking action and remaining stagnate.

 Thanks, MamaRed!

Philip Quintas, Owner
PQR Productions

I've often thought that asking for help is a sign of weakness. It was a stretch for me to open my mind to Jerilynne’s coaching me and reminding me that I'm worthy of assistance. Additionally, she reminded me that since I'm always willing to help others, why would I not want to share that warm and fuzzy feeling that I get when helping others?

Thanks, MamaRed, for reminding me that I'm a worthy individual!

Jerry Shepherd

Community Organizer

SocialSnaks™ inspire my fans and make me look good!

Thank you, MamaRed, you really are the Executive BizChef!

James Craddock
ICO Launch Specialist, Key Difference

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