The challenge...

The gentleman on the phone sounded overwhelmed and ready to give up. He had been reading tons of material on the good ole' interwebz, taken a ton of classes, and all of them said "they had the RIGHT way" to grow an online biz.

I could relate...I had done the same thing when I switched from a completely offline, in-person Biz in 2007. I learned (the hard way) that listening to a bunch of "goo-rus" and experts was the fastest way to no action and bankruptcy.

As we continued our "Are We a Match" call, I discovered that he had missed a few crucial steps in his process and that his main concern, for the moment, was creating, maintaining, and sharing content on his blog and social media.

Before we started...

I shared the highlights of the Repurposing...On Purpose system that reduces that "Content is King" overwhelm and makes creating massive amounts of content do-able, 120 characters at a time.

So, as I do with each new BizGuest, we started with a series of questions designed to ferret out the who, what, where, and when of things.

We got kick-ass clarity on his WHO (something he hadn't done in detail) and his WHY (which wasn't what he thought it was). 

With that information clarified, we started on a content creation and product creation plan that was do-able, by him, even tho' he doesn't consider himself a writer.

I shared one of my tried-and-true content creation recipes: start with the 7-step process he uses in his consulting practice...something he knew well.

I can't forget the laughter that bubbled up during the call and he said "OMG, why didn't I think of that!"

Yes. That kind of response makes my day. My week!

Some highlights...

Since this consultant was very budget-minded, he chose one of my co-sulting packages (as a co-sultant my approach is a blend of both coaching and consulting). 

Instead of having my team create, format, illustrate, and post his content, he would create the content with my recipes and support.

Technology was also a big barrier for him. He rocks what he does and that doesn't mean being a tech guru.

He took index cards and a pen with him everywhere and organized the information by what he shared in his 7-step process. 

Within a couple of days he had a whole stack of index cards with ideas for blog posts, social media posts, ebooks, and other content upgrades.

He laughed as he said, "Now I have too many ideas where before I had zero. Nada. Zilch."

Each week he tackled one thing, starting with a structured writing model to write blog posts more quickly and efficiently AND create a series at the same time.

We identified a series of ebooks he could create from his index cards and prioritized those based on his goals.

We then identified 1 social media site to focus  on for the next 6 months, the length of our contract.

What he didn't realize was how many little social media-worthy tidbits were buried deep in that 7-step process he uses.

We also worked on the techie stuff, finding tools that were easy (for him) to use and leveraging tools he already had or knew how to use. Maybe not "perfect" and it got him moving forward, which was the big goal.

The results...

Within the first month, meeting 1 time per week, he had almost 100 ideas to feed that ever-ravenous ContentBeastieHe started with his own property (his blog), turning those basic steps into a series of posts that pulled his BizGuests through a process with a goal of them being clients for his private 1-on-1 sessions or his upcoming ebooks.

We created a custom-designed approach to blogging that fed his blog every day for a week at time. At the same time he highlighted key points to share on social media that pulled people back to his blog to read more.

He also took advantage of my SocialSnaks™ Challenge to create a month's worth of SocialSnaks (social media posts) that took the heat off his weekends so he could work on other steps we found while working together.

Using tools like PowerPoint and free image sites, he now has tons of posts he can share anywhere he wants to (even tho' he doesn't consider himself a writer OR designer).

Perfect? Probably not. Getting new clients that match his ideal? Absotively!

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