Success Story: A Copywriter

The Story

No matter how fantabulous your writing skills (and Tania's ARE fantabulous), there's only so much time in the day/week/whatever. Right?

So how do you make the most of what you already have so you can, gasp, take a break? Go have some fun? Feel free again?

The easiest way is to use my Repurpose...on Purpose™ (RPOP™) approach to taking anything from a post (e.g., your blog, LinkedIn, Facebook) to a few characters and make them work at least 4 times as hard as you do!


Your strategic repurposing plan and deliverables are customized to you and your brand, NOT created for "someone" else! So this is for noodling on and getting those brain cells stirred up with ideas and questions, NOT thinking you "hafta" to do things exactly this way.

Other options on the table include audio ... video... training courses ... Facebook Live...Kindle...and more. All from ONE LinkedIn post (think what you could do with still my beating heart, right?).

The Challenge

TL:DR | Tania and her team were barely treading water since the ever-ravenous ContentBeastie wants fed: 24/7.

Whether you have a team like Tania or you're doing everything yourself, coming up with content all the time, for everywhere, takes a toll on ya.

You can be the best content creator on the planet and still struggle with the "content everywhere" mantra.

In Tania's case, she had several posts on her LinkedIn profile and I showed her how to create umpteen deliverables from that one post so she had a model to work from in the future. While I was working on her project, she was off taking care of her clients. So I rummaged around on the interwebz and found brand images, matched brand colors, and all the other flotsam and jetsam needed.

The Solution

Select ONE deliverable (in this case a LinkedIn post) and create a variety of digital content, including...

  • A PDF version of the post with a cover and call to action (CTA) to increase her mailing list
  • Gifs to use in promoting the post and the content upgrade
  • A 3D front cover to use in promoting the post and content upgrade
  • A newly designed back cover
  • Mockup Shots with her cover in them
  • Social media posts using content in on multiple social media site from the original post
  • Recommendations for other ways to use the content in the LinkedIn article to find her right clients at the right time

Take a peek!

To help Tania understand how RPOP™ works, I started with an article Tania had posted on LinkedIn so she could "see" what's possible.

Check out Tania's original article on LinkedIn.


Using the using the core brand colors (black, white & red) we created simple SocialSnaks™ in PowerPoint, then exported them as individual files to be shared in the SocialSphere.


Promo mockups

To create mockups that added a bit more interest on blog posts, the SocialSphere and all the other places content is needed, and shared, I converted the 2D cover design to a 3D mockup using Mockup Shots.


Front Cover

To add some oomph to the article, we found a picture of Tania and used Designrr to create the 2D cover (left) and eCover Authority to create the 3D Cover (right). Note that you can now create 3D covers in Designrr.


Back Cover

We took the original image (left) and converted it to a Tania-specific image using a texture from LunaPic.


Additional RPOP™ Possibilities

There are soooooooooo many ways to reuse and repurpose even the smallest number of characters! Some other formats for this project include...

ePub for Kindle and other readers

Flipbooks (for large screens)

Journals to go With the eBook

...and then there are the umpteen options for audio & video formats, like...

Audio for podcasts & web pages

Audio for podcasts & web pages

Journals to go With the eBook

The Toolstack

Yes, there are several tools used, don't panic! I've learned these over time and used what I already knew to build this set of deliverables.

(There are others, of course, and I wanted to move and groove and get this to Tania as quickly as possible.) Tools used for this project include...

  • Designrr for creating the ebook from the LinkedIn Post
  • MockUp Shots for, well, mockups
  • Tiny PNG/JPG for compressing images as much as possible
  • Google Fonts to match brand fonts
    • LunaPic for cropping images and resizing images
    • Ecover Authority for creating 3D covers
    • PowerPoint for PC for sample SocialSnaks™ (social graphics)
    • Colorzilla Color dropper (to match brand colors)

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