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Meet Jerilynne “MamaRed” Knight The BeastieTamer

Cut Costs | Increase Profits | Revel In Your Freedom

I work with business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups who are ready to scale up and increase their revenues without sacrificing everything…like down time and coffee breaks.

Together we’ll create sexy streamlined systems that cut costs, increase profit margins, and give you more time to hang out with the family and friends who think you disappeared from the planet.

The short-n-skinny

Regardless of my title or formal role in your organization, my focus is on how to reduce costs, increase profit margins, and get your message out there with the least amount of fuss and muss.

(How does being called “LegallyLazee™” appeal to your overworked self?)

Want me to teach you the “how” of something? Let’s jump on a screenshare and get ‘er done.

Want me to take over the nitty gritty operational tasks so you can focus on what you love most and do best? Count me in!

Need a bit of encouragement, or a swift kick in the nether regions? I’m on it!

My goal is your success and we’ll figure out what needs doing…together.

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A Bit of Background

Background for Jerilynne Knight

In the late 70s, I came home from school to find I was now the bookkeeper and had to get payroll out by the next morning (oh, it happened to be about 3:30 in the afternoon). I became a self-taught user of technology and was introduced to the intricacies of running a business by reading the manuals and putzing around until midnight. Yup, got the payroll done and the construction team had their Friday night drinking money in hand.(Whew, dodged that bullet!)

After living through that experience, I vowed that if I ever had a chance to write documentation, I would do it the RIGHT way.As they say, be careful what you wish for. While in college, I worked for Dow Chemical as a marketing research co-op student. Boy, did I get dumped head first into the pool and I learned even more technology. And, in fact, had to show the techies how I achieved something that was, supposedly, impossible with the tools they had at the time.In the early 80s, I become a consultant for the IT department of a manufacturing company…and spent hours “translating” the technical-ese of the uber techies in the meetings.I documented, trained, supported, and demo’ed the software that was supposed to eliminate paper. (It didn’t.)

Yup, this really is the first technology I learned!

In my opinion (settled on the first night I touched this monster of a machine), technology is here to serve the needs of the business even though many business owners grab onto technology like it is a lifeline when it is often more like an anchor than being thrown a life jacket to help them to safety.

Please check out this page for additional details and some case studies of projects I’ve worked on as a consultant, coach, business analyst, and operations manager.

Oh, and those Beasties? Those are the buggers that keep you from making progress…some are “mindset,” some are “techie stuff” and some are ravenous content ones. That’s how I became The BeastieTamer!

Let’s See If We’re a Match

The most common “title” for future projects and positions, that provides the most flexibility for me to support your success is “Operations Manager.”

That said, I frankly don’t care about titles, role names, and the like. Those tend to pin someone in to a specific role…which I don’t want. I want to take all my skills, put them to work for your company, and do what’s needed to help your the company grow efficiently and effectively.

Would any of these traits be in service to your success?

  • Agile thinker
  • Broadminded, ready to look at options
  • Control freak ready to give up control
  • Could care less about titles
  • Creative
  • Entrepreneurial or Intrapreneurial
  • Expanding and growing
  • Financially stable
  • Flexible
  • Wants to work smarter not harder
  • Focused on work and goals
  • General age range is 45-50
  • chevron-circle-rightHates the “unsexy” behind-the-scenes stuff, knows it’s important
  • chevron-circle-rightHigh “D” Medium “I” on DiSC scale
  • Ready to let go of the reins
  • chevron-circle-rightTired of working all the time
  • chevron-circle-rightWants a generalist who can do what’s needed
  • chevron-circle-rightWants freedom to live life and enjoy success

A few companies I’ve worked with

Tame The Beasties Industries Served

After a rough start with the terrors of tech, I went on to work in lots of different industries, typically in operations or IT (or both). I’ve looked behind the scenes, opened lots of windows and doors so we can customize a solution for a specific company, in a specific industry. And, although there are many differences, the similarities allow me to quickly grab core goals and concepts and get moving forward.

Here is a sample (for a more complete list, see this page)…


  • EAR Specialty Composites
  • Best Lock
  • Cummins Engine
  • chevron-circle-rightDelco Remy America
  • chevron-circle-rightEli Lilly & Company
  • chevron-circle-rightEnzon Pharmaceutical
  • chevron-circle-rightUSMEPCOM


  • Aero
  • First DataBank
  • Multilex
  • Powerway
  • Solutions Plus, Inc.
  • TAP Pharmaceutical
  • TEKsystems
  • TSSi MicroSage


  • Abshier House Publishing
  • Bright Path Solutions
  • Clark’s Disability Services, LLC
  • chevron-circle-rightFinch Industrial Painting, LLC
  • chevron-circle-rightDiva Mama, LLC
  • chevron-circle-rightEli Lilly & Company
  • chevron-circle-rightSuccess Development Systems

Meet TheBeasties

Meet TheBeasties!

Since I’ve worked with so many companies…large and small…and done so much training over the years, both at the front of the room and online, I’ve discovered laughter and fun names makes a huge difference when dealing with unfriendly or new topics.

While working with a super-stressed, overwhelmed small BizOwner, I quipped “yup, this techie stuff is a Beastie, isn’t it?” She laughed, the tension left her voice, and the name “TheBeasties” was born!

(She’s also the one for whom I coined the phrase “Create a Sexy Backend…for Your Business” since she had no idea how to strategize, systematize, streamline, and automate all those behind-the-scenes functions.)

You’ll notice there isn’t a description of the MindsetBeastie…I bet you’ve already met that one, and have heard a lot of the crudola it dishes out, like “you’re an imposter” or “who’s going to believe anything YOU say.” Sound familiar? That’s something we work on together, even if we’re focused on the tech and systems stuff. (That’s actually how I came to have the title of “co-sultant.” One of my clients, also a coach, said I wasn’t strictly one or the other. And he’s right!)

The BackendBeastie™

This Beastie really is a bear and includes all the systems and processes it takes to run your business and, when done well, is like having a well-oiled machine in your office.

When you’re ready to grow and expand, you need systems that scale with you, documentation that includes the right, tested, way to do something, and other folks to do what they do best. Without the RIGHT backend, it’s gonna be a really hard journey.

The ContentBeastie™

Every Biz, no matter how big or small, creates content and tons of it.

Whether a proposal for a prospective client, a bunch of social media posts, contracts, blogs, or content upgrades, it’s all content. It is seriously overwhelming unless you use the right strategy, the right tech, and repurpose the bejeebers out of every tidbit.

The TechBeastie™

Unfortunately, this Beastie is part of our lives, pretty much 24/7. Gone are the days when the only option was to ask a scribe to chisel our message on a nice flat stone.

Now there are more choices than Carter has little green apples. And asking your Facebook friend or your neighbor is NOT the way to have the RIGHT tech, for you.

Titles & Roles

Services Provided by Tame TheBeasties and Jerilynne Knight

With the number of years in the “demystifying” technology realm, I’ve provided a wide range of services and had quite a few titles. The end result, and focus, was always on how to cut costs (in dollars and time), by at least 20% and create systems and approaches that were at least 80% reusable and extensible as the marketplace changed and the business grew.

  • Automation—Content
  • Automation—Processes
  • Autodidact
  • chevron-circle-rightBusiness Consultant
  • chevron-circle-rightBusiness Manager
  • chevron-circle-rightBusiness Process Re-Engineering Specialist
  • chevron-circle-rightContent Creator—Blogs
  • chevron-circle-rightContent Creator—Digital Publications
  • chevron-circle-rightContent Creator—Social Media
  • chevron-circle-rightContent Creator—Training Materials Offline
  • chevron-circle-rightContent Creator—Training Materials Online
  • chevron-circle-rightContent Creator—Websites
  • Design and Streamline Implementation Approaches
  • Design and Streamline Processes
  • Design and Streamline Systems
  • Enterprise Content Management Strategist Specialist
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Operations Manager
  • Process Design
  • Process Improvement Analyst
  • Process Redesign Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Requirements Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Single Sourcing Consultant
  • Speaker
  • Technical Documentation Specialist
  • Technical Editor
  • Technical Writer
  • Template Designer
  • Trainer
  • Training Consultant
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Website Creation—Designer
  • Website Creation—Developer
  • Repurposing Consultant

A Few Kind Words

You’re awesome at what you do MamaRed and you even make it fun! You have a gift of helping people get their ass unstuck and fast-forwarding them toward their goals.You provide Clarity via coaching (wild curiosity and intuition), Consulting (experience from doing all the wrong things), and Wisdom (from taking all the courses).

Matt Soleo


Wow, in a 2 hour consult she discovered why I couldn’t keep up with our 2,000 page document. Her system let me do in 30 minutes what I never thought possible.

She was worth every penny, and more. Her strategic approach and detailed plans changed our business forever.

Cathy Overacker

Documentation Manager, DCi

I was privileged to participate in a an event with MamaRed who quickly helped me surface doable things that I could do to create and easily multiply <strategically repurpose> my content. 

I highly recommend the Content Throwdowns­™ and MamaRed since her approach helped me start fresh and think ahead.  

Mike Gingerich

President, Digital Hill Media

So AWESOME!  You gave so much content and clearly explained what you do—without being “salesy.”Love your “15 minutes or less in the next 24 hours” approach!!!  FABULOUS! 

Lisa Crilley Mallis

Capacity Development Coach, Lisa Mallis Impactive Strategies

Some things I’ve done

Tame TheBeasties Digital Products

I promise, I’m not listing everything I’ve ever created in digital form (believe me, that would give you a HUGE headache). I’ve got external hard drives with a good majority of the content I’ve created over the years! So here are a few to get your brain cells moving. Have a question about something? I’m listening.

  • A Getting Started Guide: A Sexy Backend™ for Your Business
  • AskMamaRed
  • Be Free: Release the Words Holding Your Dreams Hostage
  • Coffee with Tracy Interviews
  • ContentThrowdown™
  • Faster…Cheaper…Documents™
  • Follow Up 1 | 2 | 3™ (For Noobs)
  • From 120 Characters to a Content Empire™
  • Image Creation  1 | 2 | 3™ (For Noobs)
  • In the Words of…Winter™
  • In the Words of…Maya Angelou™
  • Kick-Butt and Take Names (KBTN)™ Radio
  • Kindness Ripples: 52 No-Cost Ways to Ripple Kindness ‘Round the World™
  • Let Your Ideas Fly™ Creative Thinking Workshop
  • Leveraging Unsexy Systems to Cut Costs™
  • Pinterest 1|2|3™ (For Noobs)
  • Planning for Success
  • Resource Guide for Free Images
  • Chevron Circle RightRepurposing…on Purpose™
  • Single-Sourcing and the Bottom Line
  • Single-Sourcing on a Budget
  • Social Media: Myth, Magic, Waste
  • SocialSnak Paks™
  • SocialSnaks™ Mini Content Cooking Class
  • Susan Rich Talks: Create Once, Use Many
  • Teens Transforming Towns™
  • Chevron Circle RightProfit Ready Content™
  • Telewhatevers™
  • The Clustar™ Single-Sourcing Method
  • The RIGHT Questions
  • The SELF-ISH Formula™
  • The SilverSages™ Program
  • To Change Your Mood, Think Like a Dog
  • Using Gravatar 
  • Using LibreOffice 
  • Using MorgueFile
  • Write a Book in a Week(End)
  • WSBTalkRadio Interviews

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