Meet MamaRed & TheBeasties

Dark purple strip with Beastie character and text "BizStrategist, ContentChef, TechieStuffDemystifier"
What would your world be like if you could be a Legally Lazee BizOwner…whether of a 1 person or 1000 person company…

  • by cutting costs
  • automating the boring repetitive stuff
  • creating content that connects with the RIGHT clients
  • picking the RIGHT techie stuff
  • …and dammit all, having more fun doing it

If you’re ready to get back to what you LOVE most and DO best, let’s do this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE problem solving finding ways for you to make more mula by getting your message out to the RIGHT people without so much stress, strain, cussin’ and headaches.

This “running a Biz thang” isn’t always the easiest gig on the planet, eh?

Whether you’re a one person Biz, scrambling to learn, and do, it all or the owner of a multi-million dollar corporation, the challenges feel enormous!

And yet so many of us (hand waggling!) find it is the only route for us. We may cuss, swear, scream, yell MamaRed in big hatand threaten to do something else.

And we don’t.

Because it is who we are.

Independent. Creative. Intense. Driven.

We’re sure we have more to do with our lives than work for another corporation, even if we sometimes doubt ourselves.

Scared we can’t do it.

Ready to get up another day and tackle the demons that threaten to leave us in a puddle in a deep dark corner somewhere.

It would be my honor and blessing to put over 25 years of tackling BizOwnership and 35 years as a BizConsultant taming Beasties that threaten your success to work for YOUR success.

Are we a match? Let’s see…I believe we’ll figure that out much more quickly when we pop on the phone or get on Skype!


Green strip with Beastie Character and "Tame Your ContetBeasties" text

The ContentBeastie™… no matter what you call yourself, every Biz is in the ContentBiz…whether it’s a blog or a proposal. Social media or THE BOOK. It’s all content. It’s needed everywhere, 24/7 and there are ways to tame this Beastie with BigBiz strategies adapted for your SmallBiz. I call it Repurposing…on Purpose™ and creating content this way leads to a ContentKitchen full of ingredients you serve your BizGuests in so many different recipes.

Turquoise strip with Beastie Character and "Tame Your BackendBeasties" text


The BackendBeastie™… behind the scenes of your Biz are things no BizGuest ever knows about, nor wants to. Actually most BizOwners don’t want to futz with ’em either! These are the unsexy, necessary, systems, processes and opportunities for automation that let you focus on what you DO BEST and LOVE MOST. Believe me, what these systems do for your Biz makes it very “sexy” in that “omg, I don’t have to worry about that anymore” kinda way.

Orange strip with Beastie Character and "Tame Your TechBeasties" text 

The TechBeastie™…oh yeah, this is the bugger for so many of us. Everything is about “tech” these days and some of us like it, some of us hate it and most, if not all, of us need it to grow our revenues and our reach, as Brendon Burchard so eloquently summarizes it. Frankly, I don’t give a damn about TechieStuff, even tho I’ve been demystifying it for over 30 years.


Red strip with Beastie Character and "Tame Your BizBeasties" text
The BizBeastie™…in all it’s forms with all the tasks and knowledge it takes (Which attorney? Do I need an attorney? What do I charge? How do I do a BizPlan? What about a BizModel? Is it needed? How do I create one? Do I have to…And a mazillion other questions).


Purple strip with Beastie Character and "Tame Your MindsetBeasties" text

The MindsetBeastie™…the natter and chatter in our minds that says “who do you think YOU are.” Even tho there are tons of BizBeasties, this is the one that takes you down faster than any of the others. The other things can be learned, or outsourced. What’s happening in your mind can’t be outsourced, it’s up to you to tame (with help with someone who has tamed, and continues taming, a buttload of these buggers).

The reason I tackle TheBeasties into submission is because my mission in this world is

Voices Heard. Messages Shared. The World Transformed.

These are the Beasties I’m dedicated to taming…for you.

For your Biz.

For those who are waiting for the delicious recipes you’re cooking up for your BizGuests…believe me, there are people on this planet who can only hear what they need to hear FROM YOU.

To your success!

We can do this. Together.

In love.

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P.S. Ready to tame those Beasties of yours? Wondering if we’re a match? Me too. Let’s get on the phone or Skype (my treat, no wallet needed) and get your BizRecipes cooked up for your BizGuests to enjoy.

P.P.S. And yes, there is a story behind the name. Want to hear about it? Pop over here and listen to the mini-video.


P.P.S.S. Want to get more personal? Love to! Here’s a bit more about my journey.

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