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Hey there and welcome to Tame TheBeasties! If you’re ready to cut the time and costs involved in building a business that supports your lifestyle, connects you with more of your ideal BizGuests and do more of what you LOVE (and less of the stuff that drives you bonkers), you’re in the right place.

My goal with this site, and all my products and services, is to help you become a LegallyLazee Owner…yup, you read that right “LegallyLazee.” Together we’ll Tame TheBeasties (think the massive amounts of content needed everywhere, the boring behind-the-scenes stuff, the techie crap that drives you bonkers and the mindset that says “who do you think you are?”).

Why lazee? LegallyLazee even? Because most of us have been taught that it’s not OK to be lazy. We gotta work “hard.” Fight the battle. Struggle.

And that’s just not OK with me when you can…

  • get kick-ass clear on what you do best and love most
  • find the fastest, most direct route to getting where you want to be
  • systematize, streamline, automate and document everything done more than 3 times the same way
  • have more fun and less headaches

How we cut your costs, improve ROI, make sure more people know what you offer and have some fun at the same time!

I’ve been a business consultant and content strategist from companies ranging from big honkers (like Intel, IBM and Eli Lilly) to midsize manufacturing and pharma companies and 1-25 person service-based businesses since 1983.

And an Owner since ’88.

My passion is finding ways to

  • make content work harder with less effort and save 20-60% doing so
  • put just the right technology to work automating those things that don’t need the personal touch
  • streamline the systems and behind-the-scenes stuff to give you back your freedom
  • write down the steps for tasks so they have the right, tested, way written down for everyone to use (yup, boring and boy, can those boring, unsexy things give you your life back!)

You deserve that too, right? Even if you don’t have a million employees and 40-blue-million departments.

The same strategies and tactics work for you, to build your biz without working so hard, although I’ve streamlined it a bit so it’s not so damned overwhelming!

Whether you’re an online Owner reaching out to people around the world or a local walk-in-the-door biz who wants more clients racing through the door, the approaches I share are based on a 3 step process that’s based on something you probably know how to do…cook up a tastee meal for your ideal guests.

  1. Plan
  2. Prep
  3. Serve

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