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Measurable Growth Starts With Consistent and Valuable Content Creation and Distribution 

But who has time for that AND to serve the clients that need them so much? 

The problem is that without that consistency and value, your marketing falls short and flat...taking your revenue with it. 

But when you make content marketing a priority, profit and growth are inevitable.

Because by measuring traffic and lead conversions, most businesses see an average increase in web traffic by 16% and then a 14.6% conversion on that traffic to sales when content marketing is part of a business’s marketing strategy, according to HubSpot. 

With igKnighted Content Freedom, you will...

  • expand your business’ presence on the web without being crushed under the weight of content creation and distribution
  • increase your perceived level of trust-worthiness because your authority is felt all the way through to Google Search
  • turn your email list into a money-maker because you’re finally able to show up consistently and provide lots of value
  • increase the traffic to your site because you are showing up everywhere...without having to lift a finger to do it
  • grow your authority without spending months and months and months of energy-draining research, creating, editing, distributing, while trying to serve the clients you love working with, mastering your craft (the whole reason you started your business!), and having sales conversations

No matter who you are, content creation and distribution is a necessary evil when it comes to growth. 


It’s nearly impossible to do all you need to do AND have a life with the people you love. 

That’s why I’m here. 

I take that painful burden off your hands so you can have the hours/days/weeks back that you have lost to trying to do it all yourself. 

Welcome to the first step in taking back your life! The people that love you thank you! 

I’m MamaRed. And you’ve stumbled into igKnighted Content Freedom. 

You are now FREE to love the business you’ve built without fear of losing anything in the process of letting go. 

I’ve been helping businesses do what they do best for the last 30-umpteen years. Okay, that’s an exaggeration...but it has been for over 30 years. And I know how to help you: 

Increase your content output so that Google shows you real love by raising your search rank

Get more people to say YES because your email list is growing and you’re not having to do the work to make it happen

Earn the trust you deserve because you’re able to focus on helping your clients get results while I’m busy letting the world know what you do

Social Influencer, Gary Vaynerchuk, says you need 60 pieces of content going out a DAY in order to reach the levels of growth you deserve. You have clients to serve and a fam that you do want to see…

So, I help you get as much content out as humanly possible. 

Trust-building whitepapers? YES! 

Authority-establishing blogs? DONE! 

Consistently valuable emails? Absofreakinlutely…

And more!

There is no one formula that I stick to because every business has different needs, visions, and goals. So I craft a strategy that is customized to what you need right now. Then I get to work on carrying it out so you don’t have to. 

With igKnighted Content Freedom on your team, you essentially have TWO of you working on,  and in, your business. 

Results? Yes. Impossible NOT to get them with two of “you” doing the work of creation and distribution. 

Who is igKnighted Content Freedom for? 

The passionate business owner who know longer can sustain the content creation workload, while servicing all the clients on their client list 

The fired up entrepreneur who is ready to take their $10,000+ a month to $30,000+ a month through the powerful medium of consistent content marketing 

The owner who knows how to laugh and doesn’t mind colorfoul language 😉 

What do you get when you get igKnighted?? 

You get time back in your life...literally every hour you spend creating content, you could be doing the things that really light you you can

You get to take over your industry as an authority without having to carry the burden of creating and sharing that content across the world wide web

The benefit of peace of mind when it comes to one of the toughest parts of growing your business

Who am I? 

I’m MamaRed (known only to my mother as Jerilynne Knight). And I’ve spent the last 30-odd years working with large and small businesses, as well as large corporations, to help them streamline their businesses, create content, and become more profitable in the process. 

And it’s my job to release you from the chains of content creation and distribution without releasing you from the increased revenue and quality of life you deserve. 

What igKnighted Content Freedom comes down to is that your business deserves the fighting chance it needs to grow into the vision you have for it and I help business owners like you make that happen. 


  • Take back what was yours that you’ve lost to the noise of the internet— time
  • Regain the sanity you miss so, so much
  • Show up consistently so your audience can grow without you manning the helm
  • Produce a measurable ROI when done well and done consistently

With igKnighted Content Freedom. 

Got that itchy feeling that this is for you? Click the "Yes! Save my Spot!" button and let’s brunch darlin’ so we find out!

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