Not quite ready for the one-on-one thang? No problem! Grab as many of these products as you need to take your next step toward success!

These products are formatted to fit nicely on 8.5″ x 11″ paper, with lots of room for writing, taking notes, and remembering those “ah ha” moments. Feel free to print these out on your own printer or take them to your local copy shop and get them printed and hole-punched while you’re at it!

The “Be Free” Book & Journal Set

Be Free: Release the Words Holding Your Dreams Hostage was originally created as an assignment for my 1-on-1 co-sulting clients. Over the years, it evolved into a book that includes the most common words humans use to keep themselves playing small and a journal to keep track of progress.

Some folks wanted to purchase  the book and the journal as a set in a format that could be downloaded and printed immediately. And your wish is my command!

What’s included…

  • 63-Page Book (Color & Grayscale)
  • 72-Page Journal (Color & Grayscale)
  • Writing Prompts & Quotes
  • Alternative Word/Phrase Choices
  • Practice Suggestions

“Kindness Ripples” Book & Journal Set

Kindness Ripples: 52 Ways to Ripple Kindness ‘Round the World (That Don’t Cost a Thing) started out as individual posts to encourage those (including me!) who felt they could never do good in the world without lots of time & money.  At first, I thought “how silly, these are things folks already know. AND I found out some folks didn’t!

I believe that kindness is kewl and can be shared no matter your age, financial situation, or amount of time available. 

What’s included…

  • 118-Page Book (Color & Grayscale)
  • 114-Page Journal (Color & Grayscale)
  • Writing Prompts & Quotes
  • Suggestions for rippling kindness ’round the world
  • Practice Suggestions

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