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With over 30 years as a consultant and coach, I’ve had a blast working on a bunch of different projects for different companies of different sizes with different goals.

From a solopreneur who wanted to grow and was too overwhelmed with behind-the-scenes tasks to a big honkin’ international company who couldn’t get their product out the door because the manuals weren’t done on time and everywhere in between.

One of the best things about bringing someone in to work on a project is that you bring all the knowledge and experience that person has in doing things in a different way…which is why I LOVE being a consultant! Truly.

There are so many ways to solve problems, improve the bottom line and eliminate the headaches of running a business, of any size! Then it’s more a matter of asking the right questions and finding the right solution for a particular situation: not a bad “problem” to have, eh?

A few of the projects I’ve done…

  • automated Discovery Sessions so an overworked, overwhelmed coach and healer could focus on bringing value to the person who requested the session, reduce the time spent for each session by 50% and provide the right coaching program for the person to create the life they dreamed of and deserved
  • taught overwhelmed, budding authors with amazing messages how to get their book done 120 characters at a time instead of writing a tome that takes years to finish  and leaves them ready to give up and go back to their J.O.B. in shame
  • helped a coach realize she already has tons of information she can use to flood the digital airways with her unique wisdom and approach to building her bank account while transforming the world…by taking it one do-able step at a time
  • created a behind-the-scenes approach that helps a speaker and budding Internet Marketer turn their 1 hour videos into a product empire so they could generate an income and make a different without always traveling and being on the stage
  • streamlined and automated  the sales and proposal process for a $5 million company who has the vision of being a $20 million dollar company and can’t because their salespeople don’t have the right support systems to get information to their prospects fast enough to compete with other companies
  • shaved 10s of thousands of dollars off the cost of delivering content in multiple ways so a Fortune 500 company could keep up with all the ways their clients use their software these days (long gone are the days of “just” a printed manual people have to slog through)
  • created content systems that helped a provider of banking software deliver just the right content to just the right people at just the right time… without increasing their staff or the amount of money they spend getting their content out the door

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