Ready to turn Contacts into Clients?

Every business needs clients…by whatever name. They’re those folks who want what YOU have and are willing to plunk down hard earned mula to get it.

And every contact has a gazillion options to scratch their itch…and we, as the biz owners, are scrambling to keep up and figure it all out.

One of the ways to do that is to know your contacts and your clients. Well. Very well actually.

Join the free webinar on March 26th at noon ET to make all this MUCH more do-able without pulling your hair out.

But how do you keep up with all that info? (Can ya hear me whining…lol)

  • How do you remember that you promised Mary a proposal by noon next week? (Especially when you’ve slept, a bit, since then).
  • Or that your newfound best prospect loves chocolate and you planned on sending her a box of the best stuff you can find?
  • Or that you met Joey at a recent event and had every intention of sending him a follow up note saying “hey, great to meet you, how about we get on the phone and take the next step?”
  • Or that a new client promised they would send a deposit on Tuesday so you could start on their project (it’s now Saturday, oops!!)?

There are tools to lend a hand when your memory isn’t enough…they’re called “CRMs”. Combined with marketing automation (a way to tell that fancy schmancy tool to automate the stuff you can’t remember), you’ve got a powerful way to turn CONTACTS into CLIENTS

without 12,000 apologies for forgetting or walking around with a million rubberbands around your index finger.

Click here to get the details for the live call on March 26th at noon ET to see if this approach would help YOU grow YOUR business and have some hair left at the end of the day!

I learn all this stuff, so you don’t have to! Let’s do this, right now!

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Photo attribution: Thanks to DearBarbie for the great image!

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