SBE Kick Ass Problem Solving Session

Solve the Pesky Problem Keeping You from
Cooking Up Great Stuff, in a Special Appetizer-Sized Portion

A big lesson learned during the 30+ years I’ve been doing this “backend systems thang” is that we have questions and if we can’t find answers, we get stuck and, gasp, we STOP!

Not a good thing when you’re growing a business!

Since you’ve already waggled that hand and said “I’m an action-taker MamaRed,” the appetizer-sized version of the Kick Ass Problem Solving Session (at 50% off the normal price when you click the link from THIS page) is the perfect bite-size way to those problems solved!

There is only 1 goal for this 60 minute 1-on-1 session…

answer YOUR questions so YOU can move forward right now. 

This isn’t a one-size-fits all, can-o-beans that everyone else has. It’s customized to fit YOUR needs, YOUR way of learning and YOUR background and where YOU want to go.

When you finish with your appetizer, you’ll have

    • kick-ass clarity on YOUR next do-able step, based on where you are right now
    • a minimum of 1 do-able step you can complete in 24 hours, or less
    • at least 2 other do-able steps that take you toward the perfect recipe for your success
    • a big picture view of how to grow your bank account and transform lives with YOUR unique message
    • eliminate the spinning and overwhelm, teeth gnashing and hair pulling that happens when you get stuck

    Yes! I’m ready to get my problem solved!

    50% off the normal price ONLY when you use this link
    You’ll get immediate access to my calendar to get schedule your Kick Ass Problem Solving session at YOUR convenience.
    Remember, this is a solution customized to what YOU need

    No thanks MamaRed, I don’t have a problem right now and I just want get my copy of Getting Started with a Sexy Backend for Your Business.

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