MamaRed Holding Up The WorldAre you struggling to keep up the massive amount of energy that goes into building a business and sharing that crucial (yes, CRUCIAL!) message of yours?

Are you done, up to HERE, with the hype and the bullshit and promises of “easy” or “simple” or “6 Figures?”

Tired of people who OVERPROMISE and UNDERDELIVER?

Me too!

So you won’t hear “simple” or “easy” from me unless I know it is. For YOU.


You will hear “it’s do-able,” one step at a time.

As the former corporate Go-To-Person for de-mystifying techie stuff step-by-step, kick-ass content strategist who helps companies leverage that content 16 ways from Sunday and a small business owner since ’88, I know you have a shit ton of stuff to do.

I don’t play games. I don’t mess around with lies. I tell it like it is. And help you take the next do-able step to create the business of your dreams.

Your project is unique, even if there are similarities to someone else’s. There is no one-size-fits all.

Period. End of discussion.

There is a business recipe (YOURS) with the perfect amounts of the tastiest ingredients for YOUR palette. Let’s cook it up, together.

So let’s find a solution to igKnighting your business

(Don’t want to read anymore? Then grab a spot on my calendar for a complimentary 24-minute rendezvous and let’s get to work!)

Together, we can

  • Find the business recipe (not a blueprint, bleck, you’re not a building!) that works for YOU, with just the right ingredients, suited to what you LOVE to do
  • Get that content out of your head, or off your hard drive, and into at least 21 products you can use to build your business and share your message
  • Cherrypick the best-of-the-best tools for making life behind-the-scenes work like a well oiled machine (now there’s a sexy backend, eh?)
  • Create step-by-step instructions for anything you do more than 3 times (you do want to hand that stuff off to someone else, right?)
  • Turn that book you wrote into a PDF, a training class, a Kindle, images, the works
  • Turn that live course you created into a home study course, a membership site or series of products
  • Automate the heck out of anything we can (that’s what techie stuff is for, right?)
  • Turn that fear of writing a book (you’ve heard the mantra, right) into audios (if you like to speak) or other products if the idea of a “book” doesn’t quite suit you
  • …and more (ask!)

The 3 ways to work together

Using the secret sauce I developed, I’ll ask the RIGHT questions to get the ball rolling, then discover the best solution for YOU and where you want to GROW.

There are 3 ways we can get that business of yours rockin’ and rollin’…

You can go with the

  1. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route using the recipe WE create as a decision-making guide to your next do-able step
  2. Done-With-You (DWY) route and we’ll work together, creating recipes and making choices together, always with YOUR vision, YOUR approach and YOUR way of learning as our guide
  3. Done-For-You route (DFY) and hand it all over to my team and get back to doing what you do best while we take care of the rest (magic wand anyone?)

Don’t let another day go by, miserable and frustrated, while your message is locked away and your bank account is suffering. The world needs YOUR unique gifts. The ones only YOU can share.

How do I get started MamaRed…I want some deliciousness in my business

Let’s start with a complimentary 24-minute rendezvous…join me on a call (recorded, of course, so you can listen over and over) and tell me your biggest challenge (ok, political correctness aside, problem) holding you back!

We’ll solve what we can during the rendezvous and lay out a plan to take your next do-able step (there is always ONE that can completed in less than 24 hours).

  1. Click here to display my calendar (or click that big purple box in the lower right corner and select the igKnight Your Business option)
  2. Pick a date (or dates) that work for you
  3. Pick a time (or times) that work for you
  4. Click Continue
  5. Complete the First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number
  6. In the Topic box, type a note about your biggest problem so I come to the rendezvous with some ideas
  7. As soon as I confirm the date, you’ll get a message in your inbox
  8. Add the appointment to YOUR calendar
    (and you’ll get a reminder the day of our rendezvous)

What's On Your Mind?

(Responses sent within 2 business days..please do keep an eye on your inbox!)

*BTW, even tho' Team igKnighted includes a lot of talented folks, YOUR message is delivered right to my inbox and I'm the one who answers you! You automatically become part of the igKnighted Family and get the latest news, special gifts, and private opportunities.

P.S. We never, ever, NEVER share your information with others without your permission. Bleck...that's a recipe for horrible karma!