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Let’s Partner Up!

At Tame TheBeasties, the goal is finding YOUR right way to be a profitable Biz…doing what YOU love, making a great living, doing good along the way, AND having a helluva good time doing it!

As your partner in success, Jerilynne (called MamaRed by BizGuests and friends) serves as your co-sultant, techie tire kicker, butt kicker when needed, cheerleader as you take next do-able steps, co-eliminator of obstacles, and a coach when you’re feeling lost and ready to give up.


When you’re getting started, you just do what you need to do to get those funds in the door. (And by YOU, I mean YOU ‘cuz you put your funds back into your Biz.)

Now that you’ve done that, you have a team counting on you to lead them. Find the fastest, most efficient ways to get something done and get rid of the rest.


It’s hard to know what the RIGHT tools are to get the job done, let alone afford the buggers, especially when you’re not even sure what you need…yet.

You’ve picked some okay ones, some horrible ones, maybe a few great ones (we’ll keep those).

Discover how to pick what YOU need, for YOUR business, at the RIGHT cost to achieve YOUR goals. (And no asking someone in your fav social media group.)


Remember the game of “Telephone Pole” where the answer at the end was totally different that what you started with? Yeah, thought so.

Your BizSuccess isn’t a game of telephone. So get those processes written down, tested, and in where they’re found in an instant. Then everyone from the most senior partner to the newest person in the door knows exactly WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, HOW to do it, and how NOT to do “that thang you do.”

(Yes, I know, boring. Definitely unsexy. Powerful as all get out and THE fastest way to get your name off every slot on that org chart.)

Who Am I?

Hi there! BizGuests and friends call me MamaRed (although the “legal” name is Jerilynne) and my passion is making sure YOU have a profitable business that is easy on the brain cells and gives you time to do what you love most and do best.

For a long time (no, I’m not telling how long!), I’ve used my odd propensity for digging up solutions when someone mentions the word “problem or I can’t.” It’s a weird thing and it just happens.

Once it happens, I’m on a roll. Digging into my own make-Biz-easier recipes. Forcing search engines to give up secrets. Seeing what we can do to make running a biz Beastie-free.

From streamlined processes, to centralized “how tos,” to niftee ways to make creating content less of a pain in the ass, I love seeing BizOwners go from frustrated to LegallyLazee.

Let’s do this!

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