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Easy-to-Make, Easy-to-Share Recipes for Social Content That Tames the Ravenous SocialMediaBeastie™

You’ve heard it all, just….

“flood the social airways with tons of inspirational images and clients will beat down your door”

“grab some images from a free site on the massive Interwebz, throw a motivational quote on it and toss it on some social media site day in and day out”

“slave over a hot keyboard 24/7 and you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams”

The thing is…

  • your “graphic design” skills are limited to drooling over the lovelie pretties you see floating around every time you’re online
  • you look at what you’ve created and decide your 8 year old could do better…this just isn’t your “thang”
  • techie stuff makes you want to run screaming for the hills, begging for relief
  • your budget doesn’t stretch far enough to purchase a gazillion images, let alone figuring out how to combine the tidbits and images 
  • you already feel like you live with a burning hot keyboard under your fingertips 24/7
  • you have no idea where folks come up with these delish quotes that drive people in droves to your latest products and services.
  • and, quite frankly, you’re already on overload racing to keep up with the demands of being a BizOwner!

And that’s why we’ve cooked up solutions that get you back to doing what YOU love most and DO best...(which isn’t figuring all this out, right?),

What ARE SocialSnacks?

They’re those lovely tidbits of text…maybe inspirational. Maybe educational. Maybe the steps to your transformation process.

They’re placed on backgrounds, ranging from a simple color to a fancy dancy image that speaks to your BizGuests. 

They’re the perfect bite-sized bit of content to share on social media sites and, because there is minimal text, they don’t take long to write and (hint hint), you don’t have to write a single word if you don’t want to! 

James CraddockSocial Innovator, 4D Storywww.4DStory.comCatered SocialSnacks BizGuest

SocialSnacks inspire my fans and make me look good! Thank you MamaRed, you really are the Executive BizChef.

Monthly Inspirational SocialSnacks!

Delivered right to your table, these inspirational posts drive traffic to your unique products and services and keep your guests engaged with you daily. 

What if you had a ContentChef in your back pocket, serving up a monthly meal of 31 beautifully crafted inspirational quotes (with text and images themed to the time of year) to feed your ravenous guests?

With ready-to-serve SocialSnacks, you don’t have to…

  • spend 8 hours scrounging around the Interwebz for an image, then realize you heard something “copyright” and wonder “is it OK to use this or will I get sued for $40,000?”
  • spend another 3 hours searching high and low for something wunnerful to share (or worse, stare at a blank screen for 10 hours wondering what to write, then giving up in frustration)
  • spend 40-50 hours researching tools, asking questions on groups, and comparing features (that you don’t understand anyway)
  •  spend 12 hours in the middle of the night struggling with techie stuff—who names these features and decides where the stick the options anyway!
  • spend 80-100 hours figuring out colors, sizes, fonts or any of that mind-numbing, hairpulling type stuff.
  • wonder if the images look good enough to stand out in the online crowd
  • give up in despair and take yourself off to a deserted island

All you have to do is add these delish SocialSnacks to your social media sites and you’re good to go, to get back to the things you’re perfectly suited to doing!

The landscape size is perfect for sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, while the portrait version is great for Pinterest and other sites where a tall image works better for attracting attention to what you’re cookin’ up. 

Check out this landscape one for summer…

Or this portrait one for winter….

So what’s next?


Decide which SocialSnacks™ package serves your BizGrowth best.


Click the ?”Get It NOW!?” button for the package you want.


Receive your ready-to-serve SocialSnacks, in your own private dining room, every month.

SocialSnackPaks™To Go

Inspirational messages on beautiful images are a great way to keep your name in front of people. And they take time to create.

SocialSnackPaks To Go aremotivational quote graphics to feed your guests on multiple social media sites….without creating a single post!

Delivered monthly to your table(ok, inbox) you simply “download-and-post” and watch your Biz grow.

  • 31 high quality landscape images  perfect for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • 31 high quality portrait images, perfect for Pinterest
  • 31 inspirational tidbits to keep you top-of-mind
  • themed to the time of year/month/season
  • no custom ingredients
  • no custom image themes
  • no custom tidbits
  • no custom colors

$19.97 / month

Get It NOW!

Catered SocialSnacks™ 

Social Media is a tastee way to build brand recognition and attract your perfect BizGuests. 

Catered SocialSnacks give you fully customized text-on-image posts to feed your guests on multiplesocial media sites….without creating a single post!

Perfectly matched to your BizGoals, these lovingly handcrafted artisanal SocialSnacks take the worry out of telling the world about YOUR unique recipes.

  • are cooked up during 1-on-1 strategy & design sessions, which build on the foundation of your BizStrategy and Content Marketing Strategy
  • include “waitstaff” who serve your BizGuests according to your 90 Day SocialSnacks Menu (ok, plan, how boring) 
  • up to 90 high quality images. custom-sized and custom branded for each of up to 3 social media sites
  • up to 90 custom-selected, on-brand inspirational, educational or outright funny tidbits
  • reflect YOUR brand’s color scheme, design sense & unique voice
  • are prepared and served up to 90 days in advance (with no spoilage!) while you’re out delighting your BizGuests in other ways
  • become ingredients for the Repurpose…on Purpose™ Cookbook, with at least uses for each ingredient, from ebooks to online courses to live events.

Catering packages start at $2500

Get It NOW!

Dine-In SocialSnackPaks™

Dine-In SocialSnackPaks give you plenty of content to post every month, on multiple sites…without creating a single post!

You provide up to 4 customized tidbits, such as your URL, phone number, tag line or name, we take care of the rest. 

Delivered monthly to your table (er, inbox), all you do is “download-and-post” and watch your Biz grow.

  • 31 high quality landscape images  perfect for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • 31 high quality portrait images perfect for Pinterest
  • 31 inspirational tidbits to keep you top-of-mind
  • themed to the time of year/month/season
  • up to 4 custom ingredients unique to your brand
  • no custom image themes
  • no custom text messages
  • no custom colors

$49.97/ month

Get It NOW!Phyllis WalkerFounder, Esperanza! A Woman’s HopeCatered SocialSnacks BizGuest, Profit Ready Content Participant

MamaRed helped me though months of content creation frustration and moved me forward with steps that were easy to implement, within an hour. Her custom-designed plan to build content success is simple as 1-2-3. MamaRed is awesome and she’s patient, especially when I’m baffled by the techie stuff!

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