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What If You Could Easily Get More Raving Fans On Social Media WITHOUT Busting Your Ass or Learning The Techie Stuff?

Join MamaRed for the SocialSnacks Cooking Class

It’s possible!

You really don’t have to go back to college to get degrees in techie stuff, graphics design and writing. And all those other things you THINK you HAVE to do!

I’ve heard all the hoopla about using social media to build your business.  And bought all the programs that “supposedly” made my life easier… most didn’t.

And I’ve heard all about the consistency “thang.” And I’ve heard all the “rules” about what stuff is working.

And what isn’t.

All we need is a pinch of text, a nummee image and we’re good to go, right? (I call ’em “SocialSnacks,” the perfect bite-sized tidbit to share on social media).

We’re supposed to…

“flood the social airways with tons of inspirational images and we automagically have a 7 figure income”

“create an image with thousand-dollar software, come up with an amazing motivational quote and post it on every social media site ever invented (and that’s just on Monday)”

“slave over a hot keyboard 24/7 and we’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams”

“just grab this ever-so-easy to use tool and we’re done in 2 seconds (unless you don’t know squat about finding and editing graphics so they don’t look like a 3 year old created them)”

“bee bop over to some amateur-for-hire and get what you pay for”

Quite frankly, it pissed me off and left me so overwhelmed I ended up not doing a damned thing.

I’m sure you know what I mean.


And What Would It Do For Your Biz If You Fed the ‘SocialMediaBeastie’ Great Stuff Every Day…

(Even If You Have No Clue What To Say Or Aren’t The Graphics Wiz of the Century?)

Look, I reealllyyy don’t want you to fight with this stuff for over FIVE YEARS like I did. It’s not just a waste of time… I went broke trying to figure it all out.

When I tally up what I spent trying to figure stuff out, by spending hundreds of hours reading, searching Google and screwing up things all over hell’s half acre, it totals well over $200,000!

I’ve spent endless hours  in my own ‘ContentKitchen’ creating my own SocialSnacks to tame the always-hungry SocialMediaBeastie.

I’ve worked behind-the-scenes with my high end BizGuests, teaching them my system for dealing with overwhelm by using snack-sized tidbits for everything from social media posts to blog posts to online training courses.

One day I was bluntly informed “it wasn’t fair”  that I was hiding this from the public, only pulling my system out of the back my pantry on occasion.

I was told “you’re cheating those of us who aren’t ready to invest in 1-on-1 sessions!”

And they were right.

Egads, that definitely wasn’t my plan. So I’m taking care of that NOW!

You can have your own ContentChef in your back pocket, serving up daily social media content to feed your ravenous guests…

…even if you all you know is how to download images and post them to your social media sites!

(And I even have a solution if you don’t want to do those 2 things!)

The solution …

SocialSnackPaks ToGo™ are delicious ready-to-serve posts, served up on beautiful backgrounds, with a new set each month to keep your followers coming back for more.

And the kewlest things ever?

No writing.

No searching for images for hours on end.

No expensive, frustratingly confusing software to learn at midnight on Sunday.

No missing your family get togethers because you’re stuck behind a hot keyboard.

No doing everything you hate and nothing you love.

Pick your pak

… we do the creating, storing & posting for you

  1. Sign up for the Special Order SocialSnackPaks™ To Go Plus
  2. Check your selected social media sites and respond to comments, share with others and enjoy your newfound freedom since we posted them for you
  3. [If you want to] Download the files to save the SocialSnacks to your own device

… we do the creating, YOU do the storing & posting

  1. Sign up for SocialSnackPaks To Go or Special Order SnackPaks To Go
  2. Check your email on the first of each month for your new SocialSnackPak
  3. Download the zip file with the images to your local drive
  4. Unzip the files to your selected folder
  5. Sign on to each of your social media sites
  6. Post your SocialSnacks
  7. Respond to comments and share with others
  8. Enjoy the time you have on your hands since you don’t have to create these buggers any more!

How ’bout some examples?

Phyllis WalkerFounder, Esperanza! A Woman’s HopeCatered SocialSnacks BizGuest, Profit Ready Content Participant

MamaRed helped me though months of content creation frustration and moved me forward with steps that were easy to implement, within an hour. Her custom-designed plan to build content success is simple as 1-2-3. MamaRed is awesome and she’s patient, especially when I’m baffled by the techie stuff!


SocialSnackPaks™To Go

These snacks are ready to share daily with your BizGuests…no creating or writing needed!

Delivered monthly to your table, you simply post-and-go.

  • 31 high quality images with inspirational tidbits perfect for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Great for Pinterest too…
  • beautifully crafted to match the time of year
  • portrait images
  • custom tidbits branding the images
  • custom image themes
  • custom tidbits
  • custom colors

$29.97 / month

(only .99/day!)

Place My Order!


Special OrderSocialSnackPaks™To Go  Plus

Special Order SocialSnackPaks + are the hands-off way to keep your brand in front of your ideal BizGuests

You tell us how you want your SocialSnacks customized, we take care of the rest…

…no creating, no writing, OR posting!

  • 31 high quality images with inspirational tidbits perfect for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • 31 high quality portrait images ideal for Pinterest
  • beautifully crafted to match the time of year
  • includes up to 4 custom branding elements like your URL, tag line, name or phone number
  • posted for you on up to 3 social media sites daily
  • custom image themes
  • custom text messages
  • custom colors

$149.97/ month

(only 4.84/dayLess than a fancy coffee!)

Do It For Me!

Special OrderSocialSnackPaks™To Go

Special Order SocialSnackPaks let your BizGuests know who is sharing tastee treats with them.

You tell us how you want your SocialSnacks customized!

  • 31 high quality images with inspirational tidbits perfect for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • 31 high quality images with inspirational quotes ideal for grabbing attention on Pinterest
  • beautifully crafted to match the time of year
  • includes up to 4 custom branding elements like your URL, tag line, name or phone number
  • custom image themes
  • custom tidbits
  • custom colors

$69.97/ month

(only 2.33/day!)

Customize My Order!

What if I want something with my own Special Sauce?

Want special recipes cooked up specially for you, with content that has your ideal BizGuest drooling?

Something that matches YOUR brand.

Uses YOUR best tips, tricks, quotes and other delish tidbits?

No problem! Check out the Custom Catered Version of SocialSnacks where you and I get together, dig into what’s best for your business and come up with SocialSnacks that serve your growth goals…and make you a mahvelously happy BizOwner!

Let’s explore how this can help you grow your business and turn into products and programs that build your reach and your revenue! Email me to get our conversation started.

James CraddockSocial Innovator, 4D Story | www.4DStory.comCatered SocialSnacks BizGuest

SocialSnacks inspire my fans and make me look good! Thank you MamaRed, you really are the Executive BizChef.


Who am I?

MamaRed in big hat

Hey there!

I’m MamaRed Knight…Executive BizChef and ContentChef, in charge of Taming TheBeasties that keep you from doing what you LOVE most and DO best.

My greatest wish is to help you be a Legally Lazee BizOwner … one who uses the best tools, technology and processes stolen from my days as a corporate consultant for the likes of Intel, Eli Lilly & Company and IBM.

I mean seriously, why shouldn’t YOU have the best of the best, right?

Your voice deserves to be heard. You deserve success. And people are waiting to hear from you.

Let ME help YOU get back to what you LOVE most and DO best! We can do this.


Laugh lots, Love more!


Reserve your monthly meal…


Have questions? I’m all ears!

Didn’t find all the answers to all your questions? Well ask away! Email me to get our conversation started and I’ll get right back to you (and Yup, it’s me doing the answering!)

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