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Are You A BizOwner Wearing Too Many Hats?

When what you need is someone to take care of the damned ‘SocialMediaBeastie’ FOR you!

Catered SocialSnacks™

When what you need is someone to take care of the damned ‘SocialMediaBeastie’ FOR you!

Running a Biz is more than a full time job…with everything there is to do and keep up with, it’s enough to make a BizOwner ASK for a white jacket and a padded room!

?Whether you’re a SoloBizOwner getting started in the wild and woolly world of ownership, or a seasoned pro growing to the next step in your dream, staying top-of-mind with marketing and promotion is a key, maybe THE key, to seeing your dreams come true.

?Social media sites are ravenous Beasties, grabbing for tidbits now, images later. Wanting more to eat constantly, especially if (gasp!) your ideal BizGuests hang out on more than one site and YOU’RE hanging out there so you can connect with them.


Philip QuintasOwner, CredDemo (, SocialSnacks for Budding ContentChefs

Beyond the ton of helpful information and a toolset that has made it simple for me to create graphics that can easily be posted to social media sites, I gleaned at least one other really valuable takeaway to feed me for a lifetime…

No matter how basic your knowledge is about a subject, someone else needs you to share it. That is huge. It is the difference between taking action and remaining stagnate. Thanks, MamaRed Knight!

Crystal WellsCEO, The Missing Map, Women Are Strong

MamaRed has the most eloquent, comprehensive way of taking the whole sum of yourcontent and figuring out pieces that equate to $$.

HUH? I always thought I needed thewhole! The opportunity to repurpose and repackage content coupled with the strategic stepby step know how to execute….that’s nothing short of business genius.

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