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What if you don't need a degree in graphic design or writing?

What if you could feed your social media followers a lil’ bit of content that makes them hungry for your paid stuff?

Now what if putting text on an image were doable with free tools ?

Finally, what if you don’t need a degree in graphic design, writing, OR techie stuff?

It’s ALL possible. Promise. Let me show you how.

A story of frustration (sound familiar?)

My client, Annie***, was up against a tight deadline since, to keep her on track with her writing, she had told her mastermind group her book would be available on Jan 2nd. 

It was now November 18th, a date had seemed soooooooooooo far away from the “due date” that Annie figured she had plenty of time. No problemo.


Microsoft Word was giving her fits, the page numbering wouldn’t work right. The font wouldn’t “stay put” even when she changed it…multiple times. She couldn’t put text at the top of the page like a real book.

She couldn’t figure out what info Amazon KDP (formerly CreateSpace) wanted from her and felt like she was drowning in details she didn’t understand and couldn’t figure out. And, to top it off, half the instructions contradicted the other half. 

Her software wasn’t up to the task of doing decent page layout stuff, she needed to get her other work done, and she hadn’t even figured out how to tell people what was coming.

She knew, or had read, somewhere, that she “should” be doing some promotion on social media and wasn’t sure how that worked, where to store names if she got them, or even how to make the suckers “visual” so they got more attention.

The deep sigh she let out sounded like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders and had no clue as to how to lift even a teensy tiny bit of it off her shoulders.

When she popped out with “I can’t do this anymore, I’m just too damned stupid to keep up with the times. I just want to do what I love best and love most.”

This kind of statement gets my Irish up and has me dashing in with my “Oh Hell No” sword to slay this ugly beastie.

Sadly, this is pretty “normal” when working in new area (this was her first book) and with different requirements, like page numbers, uploading to Amazon KDP, dealing with KDP’s bazillion requirements. And a whole lot more challenges were looming over the horizon, ones she didn’t even know she was facing.

The thing is, there ARE lots of moving parts when it comes to doing this thang called being an author, or content creator, or BizOwner.

In the words of ... Maya Angelou™

So, together, we backed up a few steps and created a plan for going forward, including how to get some buzz going on the social airwaves. Simple things, Tidbits as I call them, factoids from her book. Tidbits of her why. All created in record time with the SocialSnaks™ and repurposing processes I’ve developed because, frankly, I’m lazy or, more accurately, I’m LegallyLazee™.

I wanted that for her.

I want that for YOU too!

I invite you to let me help you reduce the frustration, make creating content for social sites doable, and get the word out about your wonderful mission and services.

You in? Excellent! Looking forward to this.

P.S. Within 24 hours of this call, I had talked to 3 different clients who were ready to scream with frustration. They were ALL struggling with how to create tons of content…ebooks, “real books,” digital downloads, content upgrades, posts for social sites. The list was endless and that doesn’t even cover the techie stuff. !!***!*!*!*

It makes my heart hurt to hear that, which is what led to this course. In this course we can tackle the social side of things…then we can get together, 1-on-1 and tackle the writing, formatting, and distributing side of books, content upgrades, ebooks, and all the other content stuff!

***Not her real name.

The highlights


November 10, 2018 (workshop)

November 17, 2018 (workshop)

December 1, 2018 (Q&A)


1-3 pm ET | 12-2 CT | 11-1 | MT | 10-12 PT


In this LIVE, 4-hour, peer-over-my shoulder content cooking class, you’ll discover do-able ways to use content from others and the materials you’ve already got hanging out on your hard drive and in your head to flood the social airways with awesome graphic posts (text-on-image) or, as I call them, SocialSnaks™. I’ll show you how to use free/low-cost tools and image resources to tell the world about your product, services and programs, increase that bank account, and transform the lives you’re here to transform.No more breaking the bank on expensive tools and purchased images. Yeah!


$97.00 (one time payment)

Spaces available



Yes (although attending live gives you a MUCH better experience)

What you’ll have

Recipes for whipping up SocialSnaks with 2-3 ingredients that make your prospects want to be your clients and clients drool and come back for more.

Additional purchases

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What’s in each session

Session 1: November 10

1-3 pm ET | 12-2 CT | 11-1 | MT | 10-12 PT

In Session 1, discover unending words of wisdom, tidbits of delishish-ness, and success tips YOU can share with others—without slaving over a hot keyboard 24/7.

  • Discover 7 ways to legally “steal” the words of others to connect with your perfect guests (and save YOUR sanity).
  • Grab the best of your own ingredients you forgot were in the back of your ContentPantry and quit “running to the store” to spend more money on ingredients you already have.
  • Pare down the words to the best 120 characters and spread your message throughout the interwebz like jam on toast.
  • checkGrab ingredients for an entire year’s worth of SocialSnaks … while standing in line for your daily coffee fix (or tea if that’s your fav).
  • checkMix up 90 days worth of SocialSnaks, using the same 30 ingredients (believe me, your guests won’t realize it’s the same stuff).

Session 2: November 17

1-3 pm ET | 12-2 CT | 11-1 | MT | 10-12 PT

In Session 2, we’ll dig into the techie stuff (breathe darlin’, I’ll be right there with you) so you have the right tools to mix up your goodies…without spending an extra penny on them, unless you want a special feature or two.

  • Discover 3 tools that both PC and Mac users already have on their computer to create SocialSnaks without a massive learning curve.
  • Check out the online tools … yup, free ones, you can use to whip up a SocialSnak in less than 60 seconds.
  • Peer into my private toolbox for other tools to mix up goodies without pulling out your wallet, including a tool everyone can use if they don’t want to line the coffers of some big corporate giant.
  • checkPeer over my shoulder as I create SocialSnaks without fancy images or tools in less than 5 minutes.
  • checkLegally steal my tips for using those same SocialSnaks as images to make your blog posts and newsletters shareable on social media sites.

Session 3: December 1

1-3 pm ET | 12-2 CT | 11-1 | MT | 10-12 PT

In Session 3, we’ll work together to answer your questions. We’ll find the answers, whether it’s from me,  a fellow Snakker, or research opportunities.

If you can’t attend live (although I hope you can since it’s always more fun and informative), you can send me your questions ahead of time and listen to the recording!

Got questions?

Check out the FAQ page, which is where I’ll post the answers to questions about the course. (Might want to bookmark it so you can get back to it easily.)

Who is this MamaRed?

MamaRed Knight Headshot

Hey there darlin…I’m MamaRed (or Jerilynne if you want the full legal name thingy) Knight.

Running a biz is something I’ve been doing since ’88…and believe me, I know how much there is to do to be a success…by every definition of that word! In fact, if there is a challenge you’re struggling with, I’ve been there, done that, and have 30 years worth of t-shirts in the closet.

I know you love what you do. And I know you rock at certain things…and I’ll bet my bottom dollar you rarely, if ever, get to focus on that ‘cuz you’re so busy figuring out all the behind-the-scenes stuff and learning new social media stuff and figuring out where the hell to get enough content to feed the ravenous ContentBeasties™.

And that’s what I’m here for. To show you how to be LegallyLazee™ with behind-the-scenes systems that take care of the unsexy stuff like posting Snaks, scheduling meetings and money-taking tasks, helping you find content I bet you forgot you had, and making the techie stuff easy to understand without costing you an arm and a leg.

Let’s partner up and get your SpecialSauce out to those who are hungry for what you, and you alone, bring to the world.

Do share…the more the merrier!

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