SocialSnaks Challenge Master List of Lessons Original

Hi darlin

Here is a list of all the lessons in the Free 31-in-7 SocialSnaks Challenge in one place so you don’t have to go find them every time. That said, please don’t share this page with anyone!


[blank_space height=’7em’]P.S. the password is dachallenge (all lowercase)

Lesson 1: Plan & Prep before serving, the key to getting a LOT done quickly

Lesson 2: To quickly stock your ContentPantry™, find text, don’t “write” it

Lesson 3: Create a pretty background for your quotes

Lesson 4: Add your quotes to your simple background

Lesson 5: Turn your “slides” into shareable images

Lesson 6: Serve those Snaks to your hungry guests

Lesson 7: Whip up another batch of Snaks and celebrate


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