Techie Stuff for Techie Virgins™ Programs

Coming January 2013

There are so many ways to get content handled, eh? And many big a$$ programs are so overwhelming you can’t find your way through all the stuff OR it’s so high level you need to go get your Ph.D. in something to figure out what to next. My programs are based on sharing the fundamentals (such as what, why and how) plus breaking things down into DO_ABLE step-by-step procedures you can print out and follow.

The Techie Virgin™ Mini Training Sessions

These are 1 hour training calls focused on a specific tool or technology you’re likely to run into while running that heart-based Itty Bitty Biz of yours. Each one goes into depth on why you might want to use that techie thang, what you use it for, options, and explanations. Each training also has a highlights document to share the key points and, where applicable, step-by-step instructions on what you learned during the call.

The Techie Virgin™ Mastermind Group

This is a highly focused small group format (typically between 4-6 participants) focused on how to use technology to get your message into the world, generating ideas about options, suggestions and possibilities from both the participants and the leader (MamaRed). This program uses a much stronger question-and-answer format insted of the highly structured format of the mini training session.

The Techie Virgin™ One-On-One Co-Sulting Sessions

These are private sessions with MamaRed, where YOU and how YOU learn are the center of attention. We start with where you want to go, take a look at where you are now, then create the perfect approach for you to get THERE.  The time and length are agreed upon at the beginning of our time together and each session ends with specific DO-ABLE steps, the first of which can be completed in 24 hours or less.

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