Techie Tuesdays

Demystify Techie Stuff on Techie Tuesdays With MamaRedEver find yourself wondering who the heck said “oh yeah, all this technology stuff makes your life easier” when you spend more time fighting with technology than doing what you love?

Ever find yourself at the end of the day further behind than ahead?

Ever heard yourself say “I just want to _______ (coach, consult, teach, serve). I don’t want to fight with computers!”

Or maybe you’ve said “jeez Louise, everybody has a different answer, can’t someone PLEEEEEEEEEEZE just tell me what to do for my business.”

Or maybe this one: you spend days and nights searching the Web for the answer to your question or a video that tells you how to use whatever, only to find out it doesn’t work with something else you’re doing?

If you said “hell yeah” to any of these or techie stuff just isn’t your gig, Techie Tuesdays™ are for you.

The thing is this: there is no ONE answer to the question “which tool should I use” or which thingamabob should I sign up for to get my message out. If you’re really getting the truth from your trusted advisor, the answer is always “it depends.” Why? Although your business has similiarities to other businesses, no two are exactly the same. It’s kind of like answering the question “what outfit should I wear!”

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Glad you asked! Pop your name, email address, and what topic you’d like to hear about in the boxes below. Then check your email for a confirmation message (if you haven’t signed up for something from me before) and keep an eye out for the email reminders with the details about the calls.


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On Techie Tuesdays, you’ll discover

  • tools that help you grow your business
  • where those tools fit (or don’t!) in your business
  • what the different terms mean
  • what options are available
  • what I recommend based on 30+ years of learning and teaching techie stuff to TechieVirgins™
  • the questions to ask before your invest in putting the tools to work for you (whether you pay for a tool or get a free one, there is a cost involved)
  • how to learn more


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Stay tuned for the next recording link!


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Each call is available for 48 hours for free, zipola, nadda.

Calls are available by 5 pm EST on Tuesday and available until 5 pm EST Thursday of the same week.


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