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Is running a business kicking your A$$?

Ready to increase profits and cut costs by 30% with a sexy back-end?

Yes, MamaRed, I Need This!

Increase profits

You think being “just” a small biz, means you have to make do with an empty bank account? No way! Let’s do what the biggies do.

To increase profits 30%, or more, you need the …

Right priorities

Right questions

Right systems

Cut costs

Of all the BizTypes on the planet, it’s small BizOwners that must keep an eagle eye on their costs at all times. And that’s a tough road, eh?

To keep those costs in line, you need the …

Right technology

Right automation

Right systems

Do what you love

We get 24 hours in a day, right? And I swear BizOwners need at least 48 hours, and they “get” to spend half that time doing things they hate!

To get others to do things for you,  you need the…

Right teammates 

Right processes

Right systems

BizGuests Speak Out

Shira AdlerFounder, Shira Synergy LLC, Speaker, Instigator

I can’t even TELL you how smart, grounded, kind, creative, and capable this gal is. What she knows in her little pinky could fill volumes!  (And she’s quick too!) Run, don’t walk to get her on your team… mic drop).

Testimonial for MamaRed from Scott Abel

Scott AbelContent Wrangler, Author, Speaker, Podcaster

She  is one of the most influential people I met early in my career and is a master information architect and repurposing guru. She’s an excellent communicator and understands the importance of positive user experiences.

Victoria FinchFounder,  Multiple Companies, Author, Speaker

She’s my lifeline for several diverse businesses. Her processes save me headaches and a lot of money. She looks at each business with fresh eyes and creates processes that perfectly fit the different industries.


Increase your profits 30% with a sexy back-end

Systems can be boring and unsexy.

UNTIL you realize how much time, money, and headaches they save.

Saving time and increasing profits?

Now that’s sexy!

If you’ve already got the right systems in the right places, your back-end is looking mighty fine. Congrats! (And I’ll bet we can still find a few places we can tweak.)

Ready to give your profits a boost? Let’s partner up and design a back-end that is the perfect fit for your business goals.


Cut costs and create content in a quarter of the time

You may not think you’re in the business of creating content, and you are. Every business is! And it’s one of those things that sneaks up on you.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

The ContentBeastie™ is ravenous, constantly begging for more… proposals, blog posts & social media, oh my!

From a business proposal worth thousands to a social  media post promoteing your brand, there are at least 4 ways to use every teeny tiny bit of content. That’s how the big players do it.

Ready to cut costs and discover how to create 4 times the content in quarter the time?

Check it out, I’ve got an entire system to take care of that headache!


Cut costs by 30%… put a team in place

I know, sounds wrong to say “spend money on a team” and save money.

And it’s true. When you do things that aren’t your in your wheelhouse, you’re losing money, by the bucketfuls. You just can’t know everything, including the legal pitfalls!

When you write down what needs doing, wasteful as it seems, you can get back to doing what you love most, and do best.

If everything is still stuck in that amazeballs brain of yours, you’ve got to write it down.

Put those instructions somewhere online, tell your team where to find them, and get back to doing what only you can do.

Not sure where to start? Kewl. We’ll do it together. (I’ve been doing this since before dirt was invented!)

P.S. Even if you think you’re a team of one, you aren’t. You don’t have to be. 

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Click Here to Get StartedMamaRed Tackles TheBeasties

Meet MamaRed Knight(aka Jerilynne)

At Tame TheBeasties, we partner together to find YOUR right way to be a profitable business…doing what YOU love, making a great living, doing good along the way, AND having a helluva good time doing it!

Friends and BizGuests call me MamaRed (Jerilynne is the legal name). As your partner in success, I’m your co-sultant, techie tire kicker, butt kicker when needed, cheerleader as you take next do-able steps, co-eliminator of obstacles, and a coach when you’re feeling lost and ready to give up.

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