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Ready to learn more great stuff on how to get your business running on autopilot so you can do what YOU do best?

It’s the unsexy back end (of your business!) like streamlining, building systems, writing down what you do, and picking the right tools that are the tickets to YOUR freedom.

Here are 3 ways to get back to doing what you love…

Demystify Techie Stuff on Techie Tuesdays With MamaRed[space size=50] Number 1: join in the free Techie Tuesday™ calls

When you sign up for Techie Tuesday™ calls, you’ll learn how to save time AND money (plus some teeth gnashing and hairpulling) by picking the right techie stuff for your business. During each episode, I’ll demystify a specific topic or tool where you’ll discover the whys, wherefores, and such about the different ways technology can help, or hurt, your business.  Check out what is happening on the current episode!

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Sign up to get those questions answeredNumber 2: Grab your “Let’s Get ‘er Done” Rendevzous [br] and save 52%

Until February 15, 2013, grab your 60 minute Let’s Get ‘er Done rendezvous (and save 52%) and get YOUR action plan for making YOUR business a success by YOUR definition. Click the button and we’ll get your session scheduled ASAP!  Your perfect clients are waiting on you (and you’ll be amazed by what you’ll get done in 60 minutes!)

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Sign up for your 24 Minute Complimentary RendezvousNumber 3: Not sure what you need? Then a 24 Minute Complimentary Rendevzous is for you

Techie stuff driving you bonkers? Then you’re like 100% of my coaching/consulting clients who just want to do what they do best and toss the rest! How would you like to borrow my brain so you can

  • tame the the TechBeastie
  • define the next DO-ABLE step
  • ask questions about what strategy is best for YOUR vision and YOUR goals
  • discover some new ideas to get your next product off the ground
  • get some kick-a$$ clarity on what YOU really want to do
  • get some answers from someone who has “been there, done that” for over 30 years and we’ll tell ya straight up how to take the next DO-ABLE step (for you!)

I do a limited number of these calls each week, so give me a call at 203.626.2054 OR to make sure you get the perfect time for YOUR schedule, take a look at my online calendar and grab the time that suits your schedule.

How to download your free gift…  

1. Right click the book cover or this link, “Using Gravatar to Build Your Brand

2. Select Save Link As (the wording may vary a bit based on the tool you use to access the web)

3. Navigate to the folder where you want to store your ebook

4. Click Save

5. Open, follow the steps and build that brand of yours!

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