SocialSnaks™, content cookin’, and givin’ you back the time you need with those you love…

You have so much on your plate —and it’s truly a struggle to find that balance between doing the real work you are here to do and trying to create the strategies and the content that puts you front and center for YOUR right clients.

I get it.

Content marketing, creating new and fresh content, all the time, is a BEAST.

I help you tame those ContentBeasties™ so you can Work Less | Live More | Earn Wildly.

I’m MamaRed. ContentChef, Beastie Tamer, and your business’ new BFF.

I’ve been doing work for a good minute. I’m the creator of the ContentChef, SocialSnaks™ and Tame TheBeasties™ (a whole series of beastie taming, at that!).

And it’s my job to make your job easy.

Through my own process of discovery, I help overworked business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups produce and publish the content their ideal clients are looking for so you get to focus on YOUR TRUE WORK.

  • I help you Repurpose...On Purpose™.
  • I help you create.
  • I help you sort out automation and tech issues (I love me some tech, even if others don’t).

Imagine waking up to content created and already scheduled for you!

Just for a minute, think about how much time you spend researching and writing blog posts, creating white papers, futzing with social content that has to be spread to 80 different channels, graphics, and more.

Think about how much of your precious time you spend planning and strategizing—and then you watch the majority of that fall to the wayside.

Why? Because you don’t have time to follow through..and you're leaving money on the table and losing clients because you didn’t have time to do it all!

That stops now!

Now you have options...

I’m here.

All the content you dream of created and repurposed for life-extension, audience growth, and continuous feeding of new leads, new clients, new revenue flowing in.

Without you lifting a finger to do it.

Let’s face it, no one in their right mind—with a SpecialSauce that actually has the potential to create change in this world—wants to spend their time doing content- marketing monkey dances.

It’s time-consuming. It’s stressful.

And it’s crazy hard to come up with new content ALL. THE. TIME.

So I take care of the hard stuff—the stuff you don’t have time for, don’t like, and that causes you the most stress, so you are...

And my goal is to give you back the time and the peace of mind you need so you...

  • can bring your SpecialSauce to the world
  • never miss another family fun night
  • don’t have to think about the shit you don’t want to do

Here’s a side note, though, I love to laugh. I love to shoot the shit. I love to talk candidly. I’m loud. And I’m proud (of me and YOU!).

But, if you don’t jive with colorful humor, buckets of coffee, or cooking analogies, it’s better that we part ways now.

Because it wouldn’t serve either of us to be in a working relationship that doesn’t make us feel good and WANT to do the work.


On the other hand, if you’re ready to laugh, take back your time, and leave your content in the hands of a very smart, very sassy, MamaRedlet’s have a chat up and get you on the road to living your dream!

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