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Social Made Easy

Work Less...

Live More...

Earn Wildly...

Isn't that why you started your business anyway?

Too bad everything that you DON'T want to have to worry about is still on your plate.

But they don't have to be.

I'm here to make your job easier so you can enjoy the fruits of the labor of this machine you're building.

Hey There...

About Me

BizGuests & friends call me MamaRed (or Jerilynne for legal stuff...your choice!)

I’ve been in business for decades and I help clients from all industries...

  • ...streamline their systems so they  spend less time and money doing the things that need to be done
  • ...create and use the content their business needs to propel their dreams into the stratosphere
  • ...kick their derriere into action when they don’t feel like doing the work that needs doin'

In A Nutshell ...

On a Personal Note




The World!


Young at heart, wise in experience


MamaRed (at)  igKnighted business Freedom.com



Key Professional Skills

I'm really good at ...

Saving YOU Time & Money

Finding ways for you to cut costs, increase profits, and make tech stuff do more work

Creating Content Quickly

Repurposing...on Purpose™ (creating a plan first) is the only way to keep up with the content you need for your Biz

Finding the RIGHT Tools

Selecting the right toolkit and teaching you how to use technology to do the heavy lifting for you

Demystifying Processes

Helping you stay on top of those boring AF processes most people ignore when those are the way to keep things running smoothly (so you have time to focus on the work and play that REALLY matters.

Let Me Help Tame the TechBeastie™

Oh lordy, been around the tech world so long, lots of tools have come, and gone (many the way of the dinosaur).

Don't see your fave on the list? Give me a shout (didn't want to make a 12 pager!).

Email Marketing

Thrive Leads



Mad Mimi




...and more

Content Creation

Word Templates







...and more

WordPress Sites

Thrive Themes

Thrive Plugins

Productivity Plugins

Automation Plugins

Calendaring Plugins

Backup Tools

Maintenance Tools

...and more

Process Docs

Process Street






Database Design

...and more









...and more

Social Media








...and more

Kind Words

From igKnighted Clients

OMG, 6 frickin' minutes.

 That's all it took to come up with the content I needed to get off my ass after my Content Throwdown!

Thank you for having me MamaRed!!

It was too much fun and so easy I couldn't believe I put off creating posts and info products so long.


Nicole Lundy, Founder
Nicole Lundy Consulting

You're awesome at what you do Mama.

And you make it so fun!

You have a gift for helping people get their ass unstuck.

You provide clarity by way of Coaching (wild curiosity and intuition) and Consulting (experience from doing all the wrong things).


Wow, in a 2 hour consult she discovered why I couldn’t keep up with our 2,000 page document! 

The customized system she designed let me do in 30 minutes what I couldn’t dream of doing in weeks before she came along.

She was worth every penny, and more. Her strategic approach and detailed plans changed our business forever.

DataCenter, Inc. DCI

“MamaRed, your heart, passion and desire is off the hook awesome and contagious.

Your fire and desire to help and serve others is second to none. 

I have been so blessed and encouraged by your realness and genuine care and concern for others.

Thank you for being you and keeping this thing online and offline real my sweet sister and friend!

Sean Patrick McCullough, Owner
FGG Sealcoating & Paving

Meet Some of My Clients

I've been in and around the Information Technology (IT) world since the late 70s and have been explaining technology, demystifying processes, designing clear layouts, training users, and streamlining businesses (from 1-person consultancies to megasized international corporations) since the mid 80s.

Many different titles and, no matter the size of the Biz, the goals are the same...cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase revenues.

A Few Kick-A** Entrepreneurs I've Worked With

ContentBeastie™ Tamer

Energy Healer with a BIG Vision

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

One of the most powerful healers and energy workers I've been blessed to  meet, she was convinced she needed to take a year off to create her digital content and her curriculum.

Check out next steps...

Business Start-Up Consultant

Visionary Promoting Teen Entrepreneurs

Lansing, Michigan

This enthusiastic new entrepreneur contacted me to lend a hand with his ideas after seeing my LinkedIn profile where he enjoyed the eclectic personality and non-corporate approach.

Check out next steps...

Operations Manager

Industrial Coatings Company

Indianapolis, Indiana

As an up-and-coming industrial coatings company, the CEO wanted a way to turn in more proposals, more quickly, more accurately, for higher profits. 

Check out next steps ...

Process Analyst/Consultant

VA/SSA Disability Advocacy

Greenfield, Indiana

This owner, known as the Disability Pitbull, fights hard for her clients. With a ton of of details to track, it's super easy to miss things and disappoint a client.

Check out next steps ...

A Few of the Big-A** Companies I've Partnered With

Content Analyst | Trainer | Template Designer

Large pharmaceutical company

Chicago, Illinois

With huge documentation sets (sometimes in the tens of thousands of pages), this large pharma company needed a way to manage all the pages and provide a way for subject matter experts (SMEs) to review, edit, and approve the content.

What we did...

Single-Source Consultant | Template Designer

Energy Company

Boston, Massachusetts

A large energy company purchased 18 individual companies and each facility had their way of doing things. Which left the parent company with huge fines for not following proper processes. At upwards of $10,000 per day, they had to do something.?

What we did...

Content Analyst | Trainer | Template Designer

Chip Manufacturer

Aloha, Oregon

The division's documentation manager needed a way to get the product documentation in multiple formats (print, multiple types of help files, training, marketing) out the door without so much rework and missed deadlines.

What we did...

Senior Business Analyst

U.S. Armed Services, Medical Group

Chicago, Illinois

The medical group for the Armed Services spent a huge amount of time and energy putting service records in different formats for different divisions of the services. This led to lots of errors, rework, lost records (and hairpulling!).

What we did...

Where I Got My Smarts

Honorary Autodidact Degree

School of Life,
Planet Earth

From specific, structured training (like a 6-month leadership program) and tons of books (fav are Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting and The Dark Side of the Light Chasers), plus meeting amazing people, hiring powerful coaches (both Biz and Life), I've learned the most by doing, screwing up (sometimes multiple times!), trying again. Even more, I've learned by teaching others, helping others avoid the mistakes I've made. 

BS in Marketing

Indiana University,
Indianapolis Campus

From my earliest memories, I was "scheduled" to go to college, so off to college I went at 21, with not a clue of what to major in. I loved cultural anthropology and knew I wasn't cut out for the "scramble for the funds" type, so I chose a degree in business. My coursework focused heavily on marketing research and I also had a 9-month stint as a marketing research intern for Dow Chemical. 

The research skills learned are the greatest thing ever for the work I do now as a ContentStrategist | Information Architect | Techie Stuff Demystifier.

College Prep Track

Mooresville, Indiana Dunedin, Florida

As far as I can tell, I was on an "academic" track from my first day in school and that's where I stayed until I finished my college degree which followed a 3-year sabbatical after graduating from Dunedin High in Dunedin, Florida.

I was always the biography reader, researcher of other tidbits, and question asker (still am!).

Now...you've seen what I do for my clients. 

How are we going to translate that into YOUR business so YOU can...

Work Less | Live More | Earn Wildly

Let's figure out how we can make that happen. ...